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Marketing report - The objective of this report is to find out customer awareness, perception, and opinions on Vifons instant noodle foodstuff.

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Table of contents Introduction and Background 2 Goal and Objectives 2 A variety of source for the collection of data 3 Data collection 3 Survey method 3 Target population 3 Sampling procedure 4 Design a survey questionnaire 4 Re-phrasing 4 Justify a design of questionnaire 4 Survey result 7 Age and imcome statistic of interviewees 8 Correlation between age and expenditure 9 Consuming habit 11 Awareness of customer about Vifon's instant noodle 12 Favourite products and flavors of consumers 15 Assess the Vifon's instant noodle value 18 Personal ideas or opinions 21 Conclusion 23 Reference 24 Appendix 25 NTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Vietnam Food Industry Joint Stock Company (Vifon) is used to be a state enterprise that has 47 years of establishment and development (1963 - 2010). Vifon is a long- standing brand name in producing packaged food in Vietnam. In 1990s, Vifon has become a leader company in producing packing special foods in Vietnam such as Pho, B�n ri�u, Noodle... It also gets the support from the domestic and foreign market. Products of Vifon have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. From 1980 to 2000,Vifon had dominated 50% market share in instant noodle producing area, especially when Vifon was separated from Vifon - Acecook Corporation in 2004 and has become 100% private enterprise which had market share in 2006 is 6% and in 2007 is 8% (Source: AC Neilson Report). ...read more.


Therefore, I can determine the demand force of market. ( In this question, I'd like to know which flavor the consumers like most when they use Phu Gia instant noodle. ( In this question, I'd like to know which flavor the consumers like most when they use Tu Quy instant noodle. ( In this question, I want to know what the consumer's satisfaction about the flavor of Vifon's instant noodle foodstuff. ( In this question, I'd like to assess the satisfaction of customer about price and quality of the instant noodle. ( In this question, I want to assess the effect of Vifon's instant noodle advertisement. ( In this question, I'd like to know if the consumers want to use Vifon's instant noodle in the future or not. ( In this question, I'd like to find out what the consumers do not satisfy. Therefore, the company knows how to make it better. SURVEY RESULT After collecting the primary and secondary data, I started analysing it to find out the satisfaction, awareness, perception and opinion of the consumers on Vifon's instant noodle foodstuff. From that point, I can give the conclusion, assessment and relevant proposal for the near future. Age and income of interviewees' statistics > Mean = > Mode = 20 > Median = 26 > Range: 55-15 = 40 Unit: VND milion Correlation between age and Vifon's instant noodle expenditure per month We have formula Apply the figures from table 3, the result is: (My calculation is in Excel) ...read more.


Extremely delicious b) Delicious c) Normal d) Vapid Question 9) What do you think about the attitude toward consumers of Vifon's retailer? a) Enthusiasm b) Normal c) Ignored d) Rude Question 10) How many packets or caskes of Vifon instant noodle will you buy per month? a) 1 packet b) 1 to 23 packets c) 1 cask d) > 1 caskes Question 11) For Phu Gia noodle, which of these flavors below did you use? a) Bo Sot Tieu noodle b) Ga Hanh noodle c) Thi Bam noodle d) Tom Thai noodle Question 12) For Tu Quy noodle, which of these flavors below did you use? a) Bo Nau Dau noodle b) Chua Cay noodle c) Ga Rau Thom noodle Question 13) Which flavor do you like most in Vifon's instant noodle foodstuff? a) Meet flavor b) Seafood flavor c) Mixed flavor d) Chua cay flavor Question 14) Do you think the quality of Vifon's instant noodle equipvalent to the price? a) Yes b) No Question 15) Do you like advertisement about Vifon's instant noodle on mass media? a) Yes b) No Question 16) Would you like to continue using Vifon's instant noodle foodstuff in the future? a) Yes b) No Question 17) Which of these components in Vifon's noodle packet do you not satisfy? a) Noodle b) Cooking oil packet c) Seasoning powder packet d) Sauce packet Appendix 2 Comsuming feature follow flavor and company ranking (Source: AC Neisel report) Unit:1000kg Appendix 3: Spreadsheet of data table ?? ?? ?? ?? Market survey report VIFON 1 Business decision making December 2010 ...read more.

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