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My Strengths and Weaknesses Over the Course of the First Semester.

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MY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OVER THE COURSE OF THE FIRST SEMESTER BY STEPHEN BANKS SEMINAR GROUP F CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION MY PREDICTIONS PRIOR TO UNIVERSITY WHAT THE FIRST PART OF THE SEMESTER TAUGHT ME MY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES PAS OVER CHRISTMAS MY STRENGHTS AND WEAKNESSES WHAT THE FINAL PART OF SEMESTER TAUGHT ME MY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES CONCLUSION SMART GOALS SELF ASSESSMENT SHEET LEARNING LOGS ATTENDENCE SHEET ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT The first Semester at university has been one of personal transformation for me. Upon arrival on the first day of term I had many expectations and goals both personally and academically, and have seen some of these goals achieved and some that still remain top priorities. Before embarking on my PAS module I thought that I had a fairly good idea of the strengths and weaknesses I possessed, however over the course of the twelve workshops I have found that these initial thoughts were somewhat inaccurate. I estimated that strengths included Time Management, listening to people and being structured in the things I do. I also estimated that my weaknesses included, communicating my ideas clearly, using descriptive instead of analytical styles of writing and above all of laziness. Through the course of the PAS module I hoped that I would learn a variety of techniques and styles which could help cement my strengths and also develop my weaker aspects. ...read more.


I learnt that an integral part of the learning process is to take on board criticisms so that you can turn them into appraisal the next time a piece of work is submitted, I have the tendency to take criticism in a negative way and let it get me down. After watching the "Giving and Receiving Feedback" video by Graham Davis I was able to identify with a couple of people who acted in the same manner as me and was able to see how it shouldn't get me down as it's a way of improving something. It also taught me to ask for help when I really needed it and found out that I had a large male pride. One of these strengths that I discovered through the PAS module was working well within a team; the Belbin Team Role Inventory results (Mullins L.J p468) showed that I possessed the quality to control the use of team resources and that I would work best as the chairperson of a committee. I was sure that I was best suited for the role of student representative after these results coupled with my help in coming to a group decision when faced with "the dark side of the Moon" team test where we all had to agree on which pieces of equipment to take with us. ...read more.


the student representative who can help people when they need it, or can report the feelings of the group to the tutor when any problems arise. I feel PAS has been central to my development and has brought to light things that I never knew about myself, hopefully for the best, through this module I have been able to clearly identify what I am doing right both inside and outside of university as well as what I am doing wrong in terms of time-management and being lazy. The most surprising discovery for me was the way I handled conflict and criticism and have adapted to being the student representative, this has helped me to achieve part of my main aim at Brighton which is to come out of university more experienced and better off personally and academically. The tools I have learnt over the first semester such as direct questioning, manipulation, and mind mapping will also help aid me along the way as well as providing a basis to work as a barrister or solicitor from. I hope to take these weaknesses unearthed throughout the first semester and turn them into strengths by means of SMART goals and Personal Development plans and give myself the best opportunity possible to pass my degree in university and set myself up for the future. ...read more.

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