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The advantages and disadvantages of survey research in human resource management.

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Research Methods 10th of January Actual word count: 2048 Research methods have been around for centuries. Technological developments are essential for the competitiveness of organization or business. Throw technology Innovation and development (potential) customer can search for information. Also they can compare products and prices and because of that they become more demanding. Furthermore universal access to the Internet has lead to increased competition, and that means for companies in order to keep them competitive they need to adapt to the expectations of today's consumers. Therefore they conduct research to attract new customers and maintain there already existing customer by improving service. There are many different methods to gather relevant information and to combine it into readable data, for example by conducting interviews however to conduct a good research it has to be planned also it can be time consuming. In addition to that in this essay we are exploring the advantage and disadvantage of a survey research in the human resource management area. We will give a brief explanation of research methods and surveys research along with the advantage and disadvantage of a survey research. Also exploring the survey methods that are been used in sales and marketing management area and supporting it up with examples. ...read more.


The advantage and disadvantage of these survey methods are illustrated in a scheme on the next page. Survey Methods Advantage Disadvantage Telephone Good for large district No graphics, demonstrations or Cost efficient Samples Agree to participate is necessary E-mail Low cost Less opportunities for clarifying Less opportunity for bias or error Lack of response The questionnaire can be anonymous Long time delays. Agree to participate is necessary No control over who completes the questionnaire Online survey Fast results It can be too long Easy to administrate Agree to participate is necessary Response rates can be improved It can cost a lot of money Through a programming techniques database performance you can insert the data of the respondent direct into a database file. It can be anonymous and is often not representative. Personal survey( interview) Opportunities for In depth interviewing High cost Opportunity for asking questions Time consuming Cause and Effect Agree to participate is necessary This shows the some of the different survey methods. In most survey research they study a sample of the population; the sample must be large enough to represent the target group or population. ...read more.


To summarise research means collecting data which will provides you with information to answer your questions or find solutions to a problem. There are different data available and many ways to collect data. We have primary and secondary data which can help with the hypothesis or developing new theory or solutions. In addition to that managers in organizations conduct market and customer satisfaction research with the help of surveys which can help them make decisions about the business or other management decisions. It can give broad information about (potential) customers, markets and competitors. However Survey design is quite important, because if the survey is poorly designed, it will not meet the expectations. Furthermore the survey is less in-depth it allows the research to conduct his interview into a much larger group of people which provides a broader view and they participants can be anonymous.In this case a case study will not be suitable because case study method enables a researcher to closely examine a situation or issue within a specific context; it is an in-depth study of one person and often analyzed to seek patterns. In addition to that the out come of a case study is difficult to generalize to a large population. By conducting a survey research that they determines the market, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer preferences. ...read more.

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