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The promotion and marketing strategies of Heinz Ketchup.

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In this piece of coursework my aim is to look into the promotion and marketing strategies of Heinz Ketchup. To market a product well you have to think of the 4 P's Price, promotion, place and product. Marketing is very important in business; it ensures that the company reaches their aims for that year. If the product is not priced well then or did not sell the product in a suitable place then the product would struggle to sell. I chose to do Heinz as my company because they manufacture a wide range of products mainly Heinz Ketchup which is what my coursework will be mainly about. To find information on Heinz's products I am going to use the Internet, books and magazines. To get the public's view on Heinz Ketchup I am going to make questionnaire and tests and I will display the information I get in a graph. ...read more.


The Marketing Mix The Marketing Mix is made up from the four P's: Product- what the customers want to buy. Price- this must be one that the customer thinks is good value for money. Promotion- this is to make potential customers aware of the products existence. Place- this must be positioned conveniently for the customer to buy the product. If Heinz gets the four P's correct then they will be successful as it will be easy for them to attract customers. The product I am writing about will be Heinz Ketchup. Heinz Tomato Ketchup is available in different packs and bottles: Sticks 11g Sachets 15g Plastic 250g, 460g, 700g, 1kg, 1.35kg Top Down 570g Glass 200g, 342g, 570g, 855g, 1.14kg Heinz Ketchup does not contain any animal products, and never has in the more than 125 years since it was introduced. "Natural flavouring" refers to herbs and spices that are derived solely from plant sources. ...read more.


be value for money and not just cheap, as this may sometimes be thought as a reflection of the quality of the product they will receive influencing their final decision on whether or not they will purchase it. Heinz could use one of the following pricing strategies to sell their product at depending on the market: Penetration Pricing-is where a firm charges a very low price when the product is new, and is used to increase the interest from customers. Skimming-is when firms charge a high price to make the product seem desirable to customers who have a larger income Destroyer Pricing-this is when firms charge prices which they know are unprofitable for their competitors, driving them out of the market. However this is illegal. Price Discrimination- this is charging different prices to different customers for the same product e.g. Students, OAP's. Competition Pricing- this is where firms charge very similar prices as other firms. Usually this happens where there is very little product differentiation e.g. Petrol. Chris Horridge ...read more.

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