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This is a report for the Directors Board of the Cosmopolitan Hotels, to identify the projection of improving the business of the Wheatley Park Hotel over the next year.

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INTRODUCTION This is a report for the Directors Board of the Cosmopolitan Hotels, to identify the projection of improving the business of the Wheatley Park Hotel over the next year. After interviewed all the key people and a research through books, being the General Manager, I have the following analysis and recommendations, with a scope to get approval on investment proposals, which would further the business development of the Hotel. 1. The Vision for the Hotel in the future in long term planning Wheatley Park, as a country hotel, has the ability to provide services for both business and leisure customers. Her current situation of declining of turnover at a rate of 10% is the main issue we have to tackle by introducing new projects. 1.1 Target The first target is to increase annual turnover from �1.2m to over �2m in room lettings improving profitability by lowering the operating cost. The second target is to upgrade the hotel from 2 stars to 3 stars in one-year time. The plan is to have room refit first followed by building a well-equipped indoor swimming pool: * After refurbishing, over two-third of the 100 bedrooms will be en-suited, assuming en-suite room rates between �55-�65 per night, with an average 60% occupancy, the annual turnover will reach �1.4m. * The new indoor swimming pool will be in service in the following year. A recent survey has proved that the availability of facilities like swimming pool would bring a 20% up in occupancy. Continuously improving performance, effectiveness and providing leisure facilities, we will upgrade to 4 stars and raise the room rates: �75-�85 per night, annual turnover will achieve to �2.5m. ...read more.


(Keuning, et al.) 2.2 Operations Department MIS can improve communication between departments to perform effectively. All bookings of bedrooms and functions rooms are kept in schedule in the central computer system, facilitates to plan and organize properly before holding functions. Therefore, receptionists can check the room status, reserve rooms for customer call-ins at once, arrange rooms for unexpected walk-ins as well as avoiding double booking. Once the residents have checked out, the front office can immediately notice the housekeeping to make the rooms, reducing over-time working. Further, manager needs to obtain extra data and information to know what has and is going to happen, of: * Marketing activities, avoid charging full fees for who have discount agreement * Budget available, then operation manager can choose the most benefit projects for profits 2.3 Marketing Department The MIS helps marketing manager to collect data and information from internal (report) and external sources, such as Internet, to predict and plan for future demand over history, then identify by marketing strategy - 5Cs (Jobber, 2001): Consumer, Customers' needs, Cost to customers, Convenience for customers and Communication with customers. Additionally, advance knowing of finance information from the Finance Department will help to set the budget for marketing activities to attract new customers, and to change the previous customers to become repeat customers, especially business customers. The MIS will store up customers' details, feedback and complaints as records, so we can contact them for opinion and reasons they choose our hotel for service and quality improvement. 2.4 Finance Department Finance department controls the cash flow and balance of payment of the hotel, hence, they need correct figures from all departments to know the benefits and costs of each operation and activity. ...read more.


Once the MIS is introduced, jobs such as calculating bills are automated, and staff are trained to be multi-skilled, redundant staff will be resulted from lesser working hours and specialization. With the aim of keeping effectiveness and efficiency, these unneeded staff and some layers of management have to be eliminated. Feeling the risk of taking away some of their power and stature or even their jobs, staff may resist and oppose against this project. Besides, managers are unlikely to accept detailed designs that are difficult for them to understand. The degree of user participation in the design and development process have effects, it may result in inappropriate design of the system that cannot fit the needs. (Naylor, 1999) To prevent these failures, we need to manage: Figure 4. Factors in information systems success or failure. Source: Laudon, K.C. & Laudon, J.P. (1998) Management Information Systems: New Approaches to Organization and Technology, 5th ed., New Jersey: Prentice Hall International, p.515 4.3 Be cautious to potential causes of failure * Insufficient or improper user participation in the systems development process * Lack of top management support and user input/participation * High levels of complexity and risk in the systems development process * Poor management of the implementation process * Incomplete specification leads to difficulties in handling with * Changing requirements and specific systems development * Technical incomplete CONCLUSION To conclude, if all the above stated are improved, then Wheatley Park Hotel should be able to improve communication, managing properly, increase the annual turnover and profits plus raising reputation in the hotel industry. Risks can be presented at any time, so the hotel should be flexible in managing and coping with changes. M07026 Assignment One 00047378 Hoi Ying WONG 2 ...read more.

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