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Travel broadens the mind.

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Stephan Seiler English essay: Travel broadens the mind Traveling makes it possible to experience new cultures; for example, observing different religions and customs, even if it just means visiting an Egyptian temple. While traveling, you can learn new languages, which may increase your general knowledge. If you learn a few basic phrases, you are given the chance to interact with the native people. Also you are more likely to experience the friendliness of the locals because language barriers are broken. This may lead to prejudice ideas being destroyed. A new language gives a different outlook on life. ...read more.


Not only does traveling allow you to see new cultures, it also often allows you to learn the roots of your own cultures. Traveling enables you to become aware of differences in lifestyle - whether they are regional or national - and to learn how different people interact and generally what they base their ideas on. Traveling lets people explore their own customs and way of life, and appreciate their countries' history and traditions. Traveling introduces new ideas that can change your opinions on different topics and help you to become more open minded about things you would normally disapprove of, such as exploring different political situations in countries you visit. ...read more.


For example, in Egypt, the women have to cover themselves up in certain situations. This provokes awareness in many people on the correct rules of behaviour in society and broadens the mind the opportunities of travel are expanding. Package holidays are becoming more popular and traveling to new countries is being made more accessible, and cheaper. In the future there will be orbital hotels in space offering 'out of this world' holidays. Ordinary holidaymakers will be able to travel to space and back. How could traveling to a different planet not broaden the mind? Space travel could put a new perspective on life and change the way you think and the way you live you're live. Slight help was given to make this essay. ...read more.

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