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Tricare health insurance. Health care insurance is the most significant benefit of any active duty military member. The health care program developed by the US Department of Defense is called TRICARE.

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TUI UNIVERSITY ROBERT MANGAHAS Module 1 Session Long Project BHS450: Health Care Delivery Systems Dr. Lawanda Warthen 5/28/2012 Healthcare Delivery System: Tricare Health Insurance Health care insurance is the most significant benefit of any active duty military member. The health care program developed by the US Department of Defense is called TRICARE. Health care is provided to Sailors and their families as a benefit of being a member of the Armed Forces. DOD operates one of the nation's largest health care systems. Nearly 8.3 million individuals are eligible to receive care at its many hospitals and clinics. These hospitals and clinics consistently receive high rankings by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, which examines both military and non-military medical facilities (All Hands Navy Magazine, 1997). It provides health care coverage for medical services, medications, and dental care for military families and retirees. From the name TRICARE, it is based on the three levels of coverage - TRICARE Prime, Standard, and Extra. All active duty service members, like myself, are eligible in TRICARE Prime. ...read more.


TRICARE Standard is very useful when military treatment facility is unavailable. Unlike TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Standard has the broadest choice of providers, it's widely available, and you may also add or use TRICARE Extra. But there are few things to consider like there will be no Primary Care Manager to assist you, patients will have deductible and co-payment, beneficiaries may have to do their own paperwork plus file their own claims, and if the bill exceeds allowable charge while the provider is not participating with the Tricare network, they will charge up to more than fifteen percent. If TRICARE Standard is not for you, there is another flexible coverage called TRICARE Extra. With this, you don't have to enroll or pay an annual fee. But like TRICARE Standard, you still have to pay an annual deductible for outpatient care. There are also several good things about this coverage like there's no deductible when using retail pharmacy network, no forms to file, no balance billing, the co-payment is five percent less than TRICARE Standard, and you can also use TRICARE Standard as well. ...read more.


The preexisting condition is defined as one for which medical advice; diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received during the six month period prior to an individual's enrollment date. So if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition like arthritis and you did not have any medical advice or treatment within six months prior your enrollment to your new coverage, then the prior condition cannot be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion. But if you did receive any medical advice or diagnosis within the past six months, then the plan may impose a preexisting condition exclusion for that arthritis condition. The HIPAA also provides additional opportunities to enroll in a group health plan if you lose their coverage. We can also use COBRA in conjunction with HIPAA. The COBRA coverage can help you avoid a significant break between periods of health plan coverage if it's within the six month period. The COBRA continuation coverage can be used as a bridge to ensure that you remain covered during a waiting period or a preexisting condition exclusion period. ...read more.

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