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Compare and contrast any two female free standing sculptures with any two male free standing sculptures.

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Compare and contrast any two female free standing sculptures with any two male free standing sculptures I am going to compare the Athenian Akropolis Kore (ca.520-510) and the Auxerre Maiden (ca. 750) as the two female free standing sculptures and the New York Met/Kouros (youth) and Kleobis (ca.600) as the male free standing sculpture. The two male sculptures are dated from roughly the same period and so should have more similarities than the two female sculptures which were of very different dates. Female The most obvious difference that faces you is the fact that the Auxerre Maiden is by far the simpler and earliest of the two. The Athenian Akropolis Kore has much more lavish clothing and hair, the clothes on the Auxerre Maiden are very plain and simple there is little detail on it and it shows no understanding of the movement and creases in the clothes like the Athenian Akropolis Kore shows. The dress itself is very box like and looks to be made out of cardboard the fabric shown is static and shows no movement. The Athenian Akropolis Kore's drapery however is full of detail and the clothes have movement, it bunches together where she is presumably holding up her dress as all the signs indicate towards that. ...read more.


The two sculptures both have their left foot slightly in front of the right, possibly in an attempt to show movement within the form. The musculature is also the same, with the 'wavy line' on the stomach to define a toned belly and the pectorals are on both the New York Met and Kleobis defined and toned. However the hair on both is similar but different, similar as it still possesses the very wig-like state and is sill not really straying from the stylised hair in this era. However the hair on the New York Met falls over his shoulders, maybe in another attempt to create some movement in the hair, it also 'kinks' slightly as the hair hits the shoulders this is again another example of creating a static type of movement within the form. The two sculptures still have the Egyptian based hair with the hair divided into equal squares with run in straight lines all down the length and breadth of the hair in a symmetrical pattern. Overall the actual form and musculature or the two statues are very symmetrical, apart from the left foot slightly in front of the other. ...read more.


Aside from the Athenian Akropolis Kore there is very little movement created with the other sculptures, the Auxerre Maiden is very static with only the raised arm to represent some movement, but not being overall successful. The two males have a shift in weight occurring with the feet positioned in a stepping pose and some movement of the hair but that is it. the whole thing (apart from the later Athenian Akropolis Kore) is very 'blocky' and very static, it is plain to see have these statues were made from a block or marble or limestone, there is little detail within them and they remain very stylised and symmetrical. The dates of the four sculptures are also very different, the two males both date from around ca. 600, bc whereas the two females are initially different, the Auxerre maiden is slightly earlier than the two males, and therefore it would be expected to not have been as developed as much as the other three. The Auxerre maiden dates from around ca. 750, BC whereas the much later Athenian Akropolis Kore dates from ca. 682, BC we would expect that with such a difference in dates that the Athenian Akropolis Kore would be much more decorated and elaborate, as indeed it is. ...read more.

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