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Study the structure of a transformer and find out the efficiency and voltage regulation of a transformer.

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Subject: Electromagnetic Theory & Applications Transformer Objective: To study the structure of a transformer and find out the efficiency and voltage regulation of a transformer. Introduction: A simple transformer consists of a yoke, U-core with yoke, a clamping device and two coils. By means of the flux linkage through the core, the flux generated by the primary coil will induce a voltage on secondary coil. It can be a step-up voltage device or a step-down voltage device. The following shows the structure. The voltage regulation of a transformer is defined as the variation of the secondary voltage between no load and full load, expressed as either a per-unit or a percentage of the no-load voltage, the primary voltage being assumed constant, Construct of a Transformer: Procedure 1) ...read more.


Based on the above, modify the structure of your transformer. Between the yoke and the U-core, insert some paper provided between them only on one end. 2) Fix the output voltage from the adjustable transformer to 50V 3) Record the V2 with different no. of piece of paper inserted. No. of piece of paper inserted V2 (Volt) 0 5.96 1 5.79 2 5.66 3 5.53 4 5.45 5 5.53 4) Explain why there is some noise on your designed transformer when paper is inserted? When the No. of paper increase the voltage will decrease, it is because papers block the flux flowing through the magnetic so the voltage decrease. Efficiency and Voltage regulation: Procedure 1) Connect the below circuit. 2) Keep the output voltage on adjustable transformer to 60V. Slowly adjust the resistive loading. Fill in following table. A2 (Ampere) V2 (Volt) A1 (Ampere) ...read more.


Secondly the core, the core consists of laminated sheets, about 0.35 - 0.7mm thick, insulated from one another. The purpose of laminating the core is to reduce the eddy current loss. Thirdly leakage flux, the leakage flux can be practically eliminated by winding the primary and secondary, one over the other, uniformly around a laminated ferromagnetic ring of uniform cross-section. But such an arrangement is not commercially practicable except in very small sizes, owing to the cost of threading a large number of turns through the ring. The principal methods used in practice are: 1. Making the transformer 'window' long and narrow. 2. Arranging the primary and secondary windings concentrically. 3. Sandwiching the primary and secondary windings. 4. Using shell-type construction. 1 1 ...read more.

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