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Intellectual Property

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INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY MISTAKES CAN BE EXPENSIVE: THE EXPERIENCE OF "ALBA CONFECCIONES" (CUBA) ((( CASE PRESENTATION This case study introduced for us: "Alba Confecciones" was acquired a new trade name by a textile and clothing manufacturing company in the Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. This company produced a wide range of textile and clothing products and beside an industrial property strategy of trademarks (more than 20) was developed for enter the new markets on its products. However, the company established an image as a successful national enterprise. ACTIONS TAKEN AND SOLUTIONS FOUND With a multiform and profound of the products made by "Alba Confecciones" included textile and clothing products. The company tried to discover a plan for develop and approach as a trademark. Firstly, the company followed with CIGET-Pinar Del Rio (Centre Information and Technology Management) ...read more.


At the same time, OCPI cancelled and removed from the trademark register the trademark "Alba Confecciones" from Mr. Tessile with the reason that was non-using in successive period of more than three years under Cuban trademark law. To follow all the advice and supply concrete from CIGET, this company applied immediately to register and protection in its own name. After that, the company had to have trademark rights over on this trade name. COMMENTS ON EFFICIENCY First thing, this company did not take interest to register the trade name in its territory under Cuban legal system before approaching a national trademark. And there are not any issues in this action and a great important. The company had to use this name more than six years without legal protection. ...read more.


So the company needs to do, follow on the instructions from international trademark rights organization like WIPO and to continue registering and take interest some more of its trademarks abroad for protecting the products in international market where will be required a clear trademark rights and higher of compete market. And with it also helps this company will stand steady in great difficult and higher risk of law systems depend of each market's countries. An important theory in this case: "The trademark of the company is often associated with their products. The company wants a stronger expand and needs to easy approach the customers for doing business in market and also foreign market must to own a clear and good trademark rights". Source from: http://www.wipo.int/sme/en/case_studies/alba_confecciones.htm Case prepared by Yoel N. Barroso Victorero and Margarita Espinosa Rodr�guez. ?? ?? ?? ?? CASE STUDY 7 - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NGUYEN PHUOC M.SC INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, 2008-2009 - UNIVERSITY OF NEUCHATEL - SWITZERLAND ...read more.

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