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Name - Trishna Barodia SID - 2431299 Module Leader - Dr. Mary Deane Coventry University A100CAW Assignment Brief: Write a reflective commentary about your personal writing process with reference to a particular assignment you are undertaking as part of your degree programme. Identify what you do at each stage of the process and explain how you could improve by drawing on at least two sources or study guides. The word limit is 1,000 words. Consult the CU Marking Criteria for further guidance (see page 8 of your Module Guide). The process of writing inevitably leads to a reformulation, added clarity and ideas for further analysis (Miles and Huberman1994).The assignment I have chosen to analyse is from the level 1 module named PDP (Personality Development Planning) which is writing a weekly journal diary or blog about the content covered on the course on a week by week basis. This is a reflective writing consisting of the how the material from the course informed or annotated is helpful. ...read more.


I make a point to check the spelling mistakes and the grammar used by a proof reading. As this is a reflective essay I have loads of ideas and thoughts but cannot write them all and have problems structuring a sentence. Sometimes the sentences become too long which is not a very good sign. I need to forecast my ideas and make them more readable to the reader. One more aspect I found out was about the paragraphs as to how many paragraphs can I divide it into and even divide the matter accordingly. Writing is a bit like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You can look at the same scene but find it different every time you turn the viewer (Diski 2005,p.31). Reflective writing can create informative, descriptive material from the mass of ideas, hopes, anxieties, fears, memories and images provoked by everyday working life. I have managed writing my assignment in my own words not too informal for the tutor to understand the way in which I have connected it with requirement. ...read more.


This will in turn help the reader to know the message I wish to convey and make justice to the topic. Only if these few errors become perfect I will be more confident in writing my essays in future and obtain a very satisfactory mark for the same. I believe this is the most challenging and important part of the assignment so once I sort it I will be very comfortable and focused for the reader to be read. I don't want it to be a very confusing one and loose my marks on it. I have now come to realise that through the process of reflective writing about any incident is not at all a cosy process of quiet contemplation but develops more confidence in one. It is more of an active, dynamic, often threatening process which demands full involvement of the oneself and also a strong commitment to the action. This reflective practice does not leave on anything to hide but to be thrown out with the words for the message to be delivered to the opposite person. ...read more.

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