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Communications in the Modern World - Literature Review.

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Communications in the Modern World - Literature Review Daniel Kaye News News in the twenty-first century takes many forms and is presented through a diverse range of mediums. This is mainly due to the huge leaps made in technological advances, from the steam press of the early eighteen hundreds to the present day where we see mobile text message news alerts and twenty-four hour televised and online news services such as Sky News and Reuters.com. News may be more readily accessible than ever nowadays, but there are many other factors that affect news. News has its own culture, ideology, and ethical principals. It is a form of media that appeals to a mass varied audience and therefore must always be concerned with viewers, listeners or readers. The primary concern of news is the initial reporting of pure fact; this then lays the foundations for additional features to be added. ...read more.


These findings are used as evidence by which to reinforce the theoretical elements covered and try to explain the "relationship" between an individual and his or her television watching. Audiences, TV sex and TV violence are the three central themes that run consistently throughout the book, fuelled by the authors desire to "shed light on the newly opened up areas of debate". From reading the relevant pages with concern to the news (Chapter 3, "News consumption and everyday life") it is immediately brought to my attention that this text is particularly rigid to read. The reader is constantly being bombarded with facts, figures, dates and examples together with quotations and profiles of the surveyed people. It is possible for this to be a positive element, although the readability of this significant chapter is greatly diminished. This factor is combated by the end of chapter "summary of key findings" and "notes" which can be used for further reading and made reference to in essays or dissertations. ...read more.


"News Culture" provides a fully comprehensive guide to news reporting, a history of radio and television news, news ideology and ethics, political news, discourse of news, journalism, racism within the news and news audiences and everyday life. As well as this principal information a useful glossary and references are provided which are essential for students who wish to take part in further reading on specialist subjects. "News Culture" is an up to date text (first published in 1999), boasting reference to futuristic interactive jargon such as "infotainment" and "docu-soap". The text takes the form of a timeline, starting in a historical approach and going on to investigate genre and production from the point of view of three essential parties; reader, listener or viewer. Attention then turns to the more modern media developments of racism and sexism and the slant that they bring to news coverage both as a whole and in individual cases. Individual chapters in the book are set out clearly, with easy to read headings. ...read more.

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