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In the depths of despair

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In the depths of despair "Gouri! Make us tea, the guests are waiting", dad shouted from the living room as mom was mopping the floor in the kitchen with her injured back. I glanced at the clock that hung over the arched doorway of our kitchen. It was 11:00 o' clock in the morning; the weather was rainy which made my mood gloomy. I couldn't bear to see my mom doing all the work all the time. Not only was she injured but sick as well. While she was taking out the tea pan from the cupboard, I immediately stopped her and brought her to the bedroom to rest. As usual, my dad's friends came over to do their business which was gambling. He gambled away all his life's savings including our farm and our old house. The only thing he had left was his family and very little money, just enough to survive. "Gouri! We are waiting for the damn tea, what's taking you so long?" dad bawled once again. Mom got up and rushed into the kitchen, "Where is Arjun when we need him? You can't serve tea like this showing so much skin in front of all those spiteful gamblers", mom said tensely. I grabbed my mom's hand and took her back to her room, "I've had enough, I'm going to go serve the damn tea and come back, and you get back to resting! ...read more.


Do you care about my happiness at all?" His face darkened immediately, "Pooja, you are just 16 years old and too young to realize such things, I'm your father and I know what's best for you and for all of us. You will be marrying Mr. Das whether you like it or not". No matter what I said, he had already made up his mind and had no intention of changing or considering the other side of the issue. He'd never been so cold and rigid with me before. I was trying to be reasonable, trying to persuade him to reason with me. But he didn't budge on the matter. He walked away with no guilt with his stick and cigar in his mouth to the balcony. My only hope was for Arjun to find a job as soon as possible. I took a deep breath trying not to cry. All the air left my body, I felt as though I'd been slapped. There I was starring at the second hand on my watch. The day was getting longer and longer. Suddenly I heard a screechy sound; I could have sworn my heart stopped dead for a good ten seconds. The door slowly opened, it was hard to recognize who it was because of the darkness. I hurried and lit up the candle to see who it was. ...read more.


While I was running back home, so many thoughts were going through my mind. The only question that was playing over and over again in my head was "Pooja, what are you doing? Going back to the same dilemma?". I guess that was my weakness, it was harder to leave than I thought. I definitely did not want to lose my family. I felt as if it was the right thing to do. I took a pause every three blocks and had no energy to run but still managed to keep running. Finally, I got into my neighbourhood so pleased and glad. I felt relieved until I saw a big crowd surrounding something. It was half a dozen yards away, in a little clearing just beyond the halftime crowd on the sidelines. All of a sudden I see police cars and ambulances coming up the street to pick up two dead bodies. I felt a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach. I stood still; I didn't want to see the faces of those dead bodies. I was too horrified to go near my house, actually to be exact too afraid to find out the truth. As I was about to step forward, I heard a woman crying her heart out. "Your father and Arjun are gone, they are DEAD! You are too late my dear", someone said from the crowd. My whole body dropped down to the ground. ?? ?? ?? ?? 8 ...read more.

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