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The impact of ICT on the way i do things at home.

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Technologies that I use: * Internet * Mobile Phone * Instant Messaging * Text Messaging * CD ROM Encyclopaedia * Satellite/Cable TV * Microsoft Word In this coursework, I am going to explain the impact of all the technologies listed above, in my daily life. These technologies are very importantly used in my life because they help me do all my work in a good and presentable manner. They help me to find information in a very less time, which helps us to do my work. They help me keep in contact with my friends and my relatives. They also help me entertain myself and have some relaxation. I will explain you how I use the technologies, e.g. personally, socially, or in school. Internet There are lots of reasons this technology might be used by me. You can get lots of information and it is also easy to connect. Personally I use this technology for finding information for my homework research. I find lots of information on the Internet. This helps me a lot and it makes it easier to find information. It is also faster. While if you try and find information from some book, then it will take more than double the time to find information. I can say this because I have had an experience like this before when I didn't have Internet and I had to go to the library to find information. This would have been long and it took ages to find a single piece of information. Inspite all this, there are some disadvantages to this technology. Sometimes when you are trying to connect, it does not connect because of the problems in the line. Those problems can be that the line is too busy or it can sometime also be because of the weather. It is very annoying when the connection don't connect sometimes. I normally use it at six o' clock in the evening as I watch my T.V. ...read more.


This could be very annoying. Other option can be that you write in small amount and then send it but this can break the link of what you are saying. One of the best advantages of these messengers is that it is completely free. You can just go to www.yahoo.com to download Yahoo Messenger and go to www.msn.com to download MSN Messenger. Unlike SMS, which costs you money to send a little bit of text, this service is completely free. Text Messaging Text messaging is a text based program. It can be done through any Mobile Phone. You can write a small message and then send it to another Mobile. But you can only write a little amount of text. This could be a disadvantage and an advantage because if you want to write a long message, you can't just turn on your computer and go on the internet and then send the message because this will take a very long time than Texting. But Text Messaging is not free. You have to pay, on average, about 12 pence on every service. Personally I use this technology to keep in contact with my relatives and to send funny messages to my friends. Mostly I use it to Text funny messages to my friends because I get them from my cousin and I have 50 free text messages anyway. So I just send them to my friends. But the problem is you can't confirm that the message as been sent. Some phones do have the facility to have a report i.e. when you send a message, you get a message saying that the message has been delivered; but many phones don't have them. Sometimes the messages don't even go and still the credit is cancelled from our phone. This is not fair. They should improve some facilities for this. They shouldn't cut credits if the message is not sent. ...read more.


But still it is a machine so we can't do anything except for adding the word in the dictionary on you Microsoft Word. Another advantage is that if you forget to write anything on your piece of work then you can add it anytime you want while if you write on paper, you will have to do the whole thing all over again. Another thing is that you can do a spell check after you have finished you work and don't want to waste time looking over the document for any mistakes. This spellchecker helps you to find all the mistakes altogether so this would save you your time. One more problem is that when you finish your long work on the document and then if you forget to save and close it or your computer crashes, then you lose all your work that you have done and this could be a real problem. Other than this I don't have any problems on Microsoft Word In school I use Microsoft Word for the same purpose that I use it for at home. But the only problem is that the school has the older version of Microsoft Word and I have the newer one. This is very confusing because you can't find some things that my Microsoft Word has. For example, I always use the font called Amaze for all my works while the school's Microsoft Word does not have this type of font so sometimes I can't do my homework in school. Conclusion In conclusion I would like to say that, ICT had been the most important part of my life so far. Anything I do, I need ICT. Even in my studies, which are meant to be my most important thing in my life, ICT come first, because we need ICT in everything. Because of all this, according to me everyone should know how to operate a computer in this modern life. ICT is becoming very important in almost every part of everyone's life and I think that it would be very necessary to know ICT in a very few years time. ...read more.

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