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Latin Speech

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Latin Speech For our speech we have chosen to stand against the accused in the scenario with the sick father and his son. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present our case against the accused. First, we shall outline the case. A banished son studies medicine. When his father falls ill, the son is summoned because he says he has a medicine which will cure him, despite the fact that all other doctors before have failed. The father drinks part of the medicine and says he has been poisoned. The son drinks the rest, but the father dies. The son is accused of parricide. Lets take the case step by step. Firstly, the son was banished from home. Why? We can't be sure. However, it was suspected that, due to mental insecurity, he killed his mother. Although the case was never proven, his father always believed it to be true. The likely case of the father's illness was depression resulting from the death of his wife and the loss of his only son. And how did the son react? ...read more.


But he was summoned anyway. However, how can we assume that the father was in the correct state of mind at the time? Was he really in a position to make such a decision as this? Perhaps, instead, the son forced him to take the medicine, another crime in itself. But even if this is not the case, the father trusted the son's judgement and experience. Surely this was not a chance of making amends? Perhaps the father thought that this was a last chance to make peace with his "black sheep" before he left the world forever. This young man was very confident in himself about curing his father. To quote, his exact words were "I know I can cure you," not "I think I can cure you" or "I hope I can cure you." In any case, with as serious a disease as this, no doctor can be certain of a cure. In this way he brought up false hope in his father. Hope that he could regain his health, hope that he could bring his troubled family together, and consequently hope that by doing this, he could overcome the grief initiated in him after he lost his wife. ...read more.


But why would he do such a thing? Well, look at what he stood to inherit. The money, the home, the land, which was most important? Obviously in his blind search for these he forgot what he would have gained if he had only tried to help his father. All these things and, what is more, the unconditional love of his forgiving father. The "prodigal son" could return home and all would be well again. But no. Revenge had to be obtained, but revenge is only sweet for a day. After that there is a lifetime to follow filled with emptiness, regret, and depression. Little does this son know that he is already receiving the punishment for his crime with these emotions. If he is not sentenced and continues to live his life in deceit, he will gain much in the world of medicine, but it will never make up for what he has already lost. For as we already know (and it is time for our witty comment) - murdering is wrong. It is a bend in the road we all come to in our lives. (Of course the Romans didn't have bends in their roads, but you know what I mean). Thank you very much. Kerry Atchison & Sara De Ornellas ...read more.

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