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University Degree: Miscellaneous

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  1. Annotated Bibliography

    The study was conducted among 258 healthy men with age group of 40-49, randomly selected from a population. All of the participant undergo overnight polysomnography and electron-beam computed tomography to measure their apnea�Vhypopnea index (AHI) and degree of CAC to get the baseline of the participants before conducting the experiment. Results from the experiment proved that obesity was associated with obstructive sleep apnea as participants who recorded a high reading during the AHI test showed weight gain as compared to participants with low reading of AHI. Ratings : 6.5 Kim, S.H.,Cho, G.-Y.,Baik, I.,Kim, J.,Kim, S.J.,Lee, J.B.,Lim, H.E.,Lim, S.Y.,Park, J.,Shin, C.

    • Word count: 3482
  2. Actuarial Studies - Investment Policy and Calculation of Profit and Loss

    The total amount of aggregate claim in year t can be expressed as: Where N(t) = the number of claims at time t X(i,t) = the amount claimed by the ith claim at time t Each X(i,t) are independent log-normal variables with mean 20000 and variance 20000. Based on this data, the parameters of X(i,t) can be obtained which are ? = 9.903462553 and ? = (7.070979426 ? 10-3) 1 N(t) is distributed following a Poisson distribution with ? = 4.5. With the average number of claims given as 4.5 and expected amount of claim is 20000, so the analytical result of the expected aggregate claim is $90 000.2 However, in order to develop a more realistic approach, Microsoft Excel program is used to simulate 7000 random events.

    • Word count: 3432
  3. Occupational Health Essay

    use of portable foam extinguishers as well. * Fire extinguishers or sprinklers are not present at the company. Sprinklers should be placed in a storage compartment area where chemical products are being used. Water is not the best resolution to get rid of fumes or flames. Fume hoods are mandatory in a manufacturing or processing enclosure. * The prevailing personal protective equipment does not fit the regulations. Personal equipment must be in accordance to the regulations and proper training of the equipment should be intact for the workers. When hazards cannot be controlled through engineering practices or controls then PPE should be put in place to protect the eyes, face, head, lungs, arms and ears.

    • Word count: 3696
  4. A system for Kingston Hospital

    GPRS should be considered for the system as it allows for the transfer of most data types. Depending on the type of information that will need to be transferred and the system, other forms of data transfer technologies should be invested. NHSnet <(Online) http://www.nhsia.nhs.uk/nhsnet/pages/about/intro/nhsnet.asp [Accessed 16/05/04]> is a secure WAN developed exclusively for the NHS. The purposed system could be integrated to the current service provided by the NHS. This would: - * Ensure that the developed of the purposed system used some of the resources available on the NHS WAN e.g.

    • Word count: 4860
  5. Research Paper Online Dating

    However, it is possible to pinpoint when the first online dating service was launched. Match.com, which began in April 1995, "is considered a pioneer in bringing online dating into the mainstream" ("History of Online Dating" n. p.). Soon, other dating sites opened, and the phenomenon of online dating started growing in popularity. As early as 1996, articles about happy couples that had met online began to appear in popular magazines (Gwinnell xv-xvi). Despite such articles, there was a bit of a stigma to using online dating services during the early period of their development.

    • Word count: 3542
  6. Teen Pregnancy

    This problem has been all over the United States, affecting all people. Since, not one American can claim to be safe. This problem has to be addressed. d. Research Questions There are a number of closely related issues that have played a key role in teenage pregnancy. It is from those roles that this research seeks to answer the questions below: 1. What is the relationship between teen pregnancy and the economic state of the Virgin Islands? 2. What role does culture and tradition play in the teen pregnancy?

    • Word count: 3234
  7. Relationship between Inflation and Unemployment

    We investigate the relationship between inflation and unemployment in Mauritius for the period 1977 10 2008. Our study further analyzes the causal relationship between inflation and unemployment. 2.0 Model Specification Our dependent variable is inflation, and independent variables are unemployment, money supply and government expenditure. 2.1 The Empirical Model For the purpose of the multiple regressions, the following equation will be used: INF t = B0 + B1 UNEMPLOY t +B2 MONEYSS t + B3 GOVTEXP t + �t Where: INF: Inflation UNEMPLOY: Unemployment MONEYSS: Money supply as a percentage of GDP GOVTEXP: Government expenditure as a percentage of GDP �t : error term.

    • Word count: 4089
  8. Biology Notes - Pattern in Nature

    Membrane bound organelle that contains the cell DNA. Is surrounded by a double membrane that has pores that allows molecules to pass into cytoplasm. Nucleoli: Spherical regions inside the nucleus that manufacture ribosomal RNA and ribosomes. Mitochondria: Oval shaped structures that carry out cell respiration and the process of energy production. Has a double membrane that is folded on the inside and the mitochondria contain their own DNA and ribosomes. The number of mitochondria within a cell is directly related to the energy requirements of it.

    • Word count: 3906
  9. Short Stories Analysis

    She uses the ten feet as an illustration that the family may be in a grave. Furthermore, Flannary goes into vivid details when she talks about the trees she considers them to be "tall, dark, deep" suggesting that this is where the family might be taken and murdered. As the reader continues on he or she may notice that, "Behind them the line of woods gaped like a dark open mouth" (388). What Flannary is trying to suggest here is that the family is headed into the woods to be consumed or killed by "The Misfits" accomplices.

    • Word count: 3129
  10. The Fantasy of the Dark Materials

    Since then lots of other books as children's fantasies are published: Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen", and Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. Therefore, the children's literature has proven to be an enduring influence on adult fantasy (17). The first step for entering the territory of fantasy is to find out its definition.To clarify which kind of work can be called a fantasy has been always the matter of argument and challenge. The important point is to decide where the border between fantasy and reality should be drawn.

    • Word count: 3722
  11. Assignment sss4 - field survey

    0 0 0 30 105 Spp A 10 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 15 Spp B 10 15 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 30 Bare Earth 5 10 25 0 10 40 15 20 15 30 170 Moss 0 20 5 30 30 0 50 0 10 10 155 Grass 0 45 20 45 35 5 20 50 60 25 305 Clover 0 5 0 15 0 20 5 10 0 0 55 Hoary 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 Spp C 0 0 0 0 10 0

    • Word count: 4286
  12. Explore notions of the gaze in at least two texts.

    Such a Western lens first came into being through colonisation, with the complete domination of one culture over another. Later, in the early Postcolonial period, both the Governments and tourist trade exacerbated this state of flux. With the unfortunate need for steady income from a wealthy source, countries started plying the world market with heavily idealised pictures of sandy beaches and picturesque holiday resorts, 'such activity is given the name of tourism'.3 However, those doing this were those who could afford it rather than the average person: 'The national middle class discovers its historic mission: that of intermediary'.4 Essentially becoming 'middle men' in the prostitution of their own country, the wealthy sought to exploit not only the land that sustained them but also their poorer fellow countrymen.

    • Word count: 4265
  13. Free essay

    Religious group action to challenge new law which legalizes prostitution & brothels

    There are strengths and weaknesses of both religious groups, and the arguments of the liberals, with the most positive emphasis on the position of a religious group for the abolition of the institute. Dr Maggie O'Neill would like to brothel-keeping laws are removed, so that women can work in environments with health and safety standards, as well as to protect that come with operating in small groups of women with common interests. Many people who are opposed to prostitution are very bias, describing the horrors of violence by men who "express pure hatred for the female body" who believe prostitution is "too patriarchal to be tolerated."

    • Word count: 3871
  14. Free essay

    Essential oils which contain suitable antifungal activity

    Essential oils are from natural sources and may be able to be incorporated into treatments of these keratophillic fungi. Objectives Identify essential oils which are used in dermatological conditions. Establish the individual components of some of these essential oils with high anti fungal activity. Show anti fungal activity of the separate individual components. Also I will demonstrate other essential oils containing similar components. Overview Dermatophytosis (tinea) infections are caused by dermatophytes, a group of fungi which invade and grow in dead keratin. Keratin is essential for the growth of these fungal organisms. These superficial fungal infections usually affect the skin, nails and hair.

    • Word count: 12794
  15. Compare, contrast, and where possible synthesise, two major psychological approaches to understanding the core deficits of autism.

    However, two psychological models in particular have stimulated a considerable degree of interest over the last decade. These encompass the "theory-of-mind" deficit and the executive dysfunction hypothesis. Both models recognise that the disorder is not directly caused by a cognitive deficit and appreciate the overwhelming evidence of an organic cause (Coleman & Gillberg, 1985; Schopler & Mesibov, 1987; Gillberg, 1991) but are equally aware that a cognitive deficit may drive a number of developmental conditions resulting in specific symptoms of the disorder. Currently, the relationship between the theory of mind and executive function deficit has not been clearly established.

    • Word count: 3649
  16. Are Different Treatment Approaches to Managing Children with ADHD Competing or Complementary?

    Recent brain imaging research has found significant abnormalities in the lobes of the brain, specifically in the location of the brain where attention is regulated (Cooper and O'Regan, 2001). Additional studies have demonstrated insufficient neurotransmitter production (Train, 1996; Levy and Swanson, 2001). These neurotransmitters are responsible for transmitting information among various parts of the brain and employ the role of regulating impulse control, concentration and motor regulation. This biological-based theory has much supporting evidence since the primary deficits of the disorder are inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity (Safren et al., 2004).

    • Word count: 3797
  17. Multi-National Corporations

    Additionally a Multi-national Corporation can adopt various perspectives like ethnocentric, regiocentric, polycentric and geocentric for its establishment. There are several types of Multi-national corporations such as Multidomestic Corporation, Global Company, Transnational, Born Globals and Micro-Multi Nationals. A multi-national corporation has a head office which is usually found in home countries which is centralized and is responsible for global management. A multi-national corporation cannot operate without a purpose. Managerial functions provide a direction to Multinational corporations to handle their purpose i.e.

    • Word count: 3627
  18. What is the best solution for governments to solve global warming?

    In 2002, the Larson B, one of the important glaciers in Antarctic Peninsula disintegrated in only 35 days (Refer Figure 1). The fourth assessment report, IPCC warns that if global temperature rises by 10 degrees by 2010, enormous worldwide extinction will likely to occur. 1.4 Aim of Research In order to reduce the possible impacts of global warming, we must have knowledge of the causes and effect of global warming, as well as efficient planning to reduce global temperature. Thus, this paper will be focusing on the causes and effects of global warming and aims to find out the best solution for the government sector to reduce global warming efficiently.

    • Word count: 3146
  19. Survey Readiness In Health Care

    Th? c?r? ?ctivity ?f th? pr?p?r?ti?n pr?gr?m w?? multidi?ciplin?ry r?und?. Th? r?und? b?g?n ? y??r b?f?r? th? ?urv?y. ??ch p?ti?nt c?r? ?r?? w?? vi?it?d ?t l???t twic? by ??ch ??t ?f r?und?. Th? f?rm?t ?f th? r?und? v?ri?d with th?ir f?cu?. ?nvir?nm?nt?l r?und? f?cu???d ?n th? ?nvir?nm?nt ?f c?r?. Clinic?l p?rf?rm?nc? impr?v?m?nt r?und? ?v?lu?t?d nur?ing ?nd ?ncill?ry ?t?ff c?r? in th? ?m?rg?ncy d?p?rtm?nt ?nd in-p?ti?nt unit?. M?ck ?urv?y? ???????d ?nd ?duc?t?d ?t?ff ?n ??v?r?l functi?n? p?rtin?nt t? ?urv?y r??din???. During r?und?, v?ri?ti?n? in ?t?ff kn?wl?dg? in?pir?d cr??ti?n ?f ? p?ck?t-?iz?d b??kl?t t?rg?ting th? functi?n?l ?r??? wh?r? ?duc?ti?n ?pp??r?d m??t n??d?d: p?ti?nt right?; inf?cti?n c?ntr?l; ?nd ?nvir?nm?nt ?f c?r?.

    • Word count: 27300
  20. Information technology in every day life

    Also in this essay, I would look at "Everyday life" as the dull routine, ongoing go-to- work, pay the bills home trudge of existence, it can be conceived as a never ending cultural work through which individuals constantly produce the meanings, structure and social organization of their worlds as well as social identities and those of people they interact with or talk about (Letizia quoted by Miles, 1988). I will then evaluate the proposition that Information Technology has become part and parcel of our every waking life, drawing on theorists such as Herring, Lyon, Miles and Webster, focusing on close readings of information society and their relation to broader ideological discourse of everyday live.

    • Word count: 4786
  21. Mary Queen of Martyrs

    Bernard said, that 'not by the sword of the executioner, but by bitter sorrow of heart'" (St. Alphonsus, 1954 pg 463 Victories of Martyrs). Her martyrdom was not only sufficient to cause her death once, but thousands of times. That is why, Mary is known as the Queen of Martyrs, not only because she suffered martyrdom but because her martyrdom surpassed all others. Marys entire life was comparable to a prolonged death in which she suffered daily. As mentioned in the Victories of Martyrs, St.

    • Word count: 3793
  22. Manafing People

    With his concept of cross-cultural dimensions Hofstede (2001 cited Steers and Nardon, 2006) gives a framework for understanding the impact of culture on values. Because of focus of this research out of the five dimensions Individualism-Collectivism, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Masculinity and Femininity and Confucian Dynamism, just the first two shall be explained in relation to work values and differences shall be explained on the basis of functions of management. According to Tung (1999, p.62), "the cultural values that are typical of a particular society can influence what is effective in terms of management process".

    • Word count: 3386
  23. Advertising- premium denim brands (major players)

    are creating credible denim offers which shoppers are increasingly open to buying. These ranges do not match the quality of a specialist denim brand, but they work the trends. D. Denim brands have been caught up in the department store discounting war: * House of Fraser and John Lewis price match or promotion match Debenhams when it embarks on its Mega Day Sales; Chapter 2 Levi's I. Background * One of the world's leading branded apparel companies. Denim jeans became very popular on the markets between 1960's and 1970's and Levi's became the international uniform.

    • Word count: 5070
  24. How important is the concept of modularity in cognitiveneuropsychology?

    theoretical progress by a 'virtus dormitiva'; the overemphasis of an observed aspect of behaviour which is then regarded as the essence of the paradigm (Van der Heijden & Bem, 2002). Fodor (2000) himself explained that modularity may explain little about central and higher processes of the mind (e.g., thinking, reasoning, reading, writing, etc.) and may only apply to peripheral systems. There has been a paradigm shift towards modularity in terms of function, rather than strict automaticity and encapsulation. The concept of modularity has been hugely important, so much so that it has led to the Massive Modularity Theory.

    • Word count: 3181
  25. Tea market

    wh?r? t?? w?? tr?diti?n?lly diff?r?nt fr?m c?ff?? ?nd c?c?? w?? th?t th? w?rld t?? m?rk?t u??d n?t t? b? p?rticul?rly pr?n? t? pric? v?l?tility ?ft?n b?c?u?? t?? m?rk?t? ?r? d?p?nd?nt ?n diff?r?nt ?ucti?n pric?? in pr?ducing c?untri??, unlik? c?ff?? wh?r? th? pric? w?? d?t?rmin?d m?r? c?ntr?lly. H?w?v?r th?r? w?? ? n?tic??bl? incr???? in v?l?tility in th? 1990? du? t? m?ny f?ct?r? ?uch ?? th? ?xch?ng? r?t? fluctu?ti?n? ?nd m?r? ch?ng??bl? d?m?nd (?uch ?? th? c?ll?p?? ?f th? ?c?n?my ?f th? f?rm?r ??vi?t Uni?n) ? l?rg? pr?p?rti?n ?f th? w?rld'? t?? (m?r? th?n h?lf) i? c?n?um?d in pr?ducing c?untri?? unlik? c?ff?? ?r c?c??. F?r ?x?mpl?, Indi? pr?duc?? ?lm??t 20% ?f th? w?rld'? t??; it ?xp?rt? l??? th?n 20% ?f th?

    • Word count: 10057

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