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Tourism Industry

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Detail and Explain the activities of the various sectors of the UK travel and Tourism industry? The UK travel and tourism industry is one of the faster growing industries in the world. This shows due to the amount of employment this trade has created by the year 2007 300,000 jobs were created. Tourism can be defined as people taking a short-term break away from their home communities or even just a day trip to different attractions. A tourist attraction is part of an excursion where a tourist will travel to a destination for entertainment, education or for interest. The destination allows public access whether it be day visitors or local residents and they do not book before they go and visit. The attractions are not classed as tourist attraction if there is a film or theatre performance or if there is a sporting event such as a football match, although it is common for most football grounds to have a museum that is open to the public when there is no football game on then it is a tourist attraction. Travel agents & tour operators are mostly found in the traveller-generated region, attractions & hospitality are found in the destination region, and the transport industry is largely represented In the transit route region. "Tourism: Principles and Practice By Chris Cooper, Stephen Wanhill, John Fletcher, David Gilbert 2005" Tourist attractions can either be NATURAL or BUILT. ...read more.


Describe the different components of the UK hospitality industry using the current examples of organisations and practises from industry? The hospitality industry is an industry that is fuelled by an ongoing need for nourishment. It consists of three groups: management, kitchen workers and servers, Each plays a very important role in the operation of a food-service/hospitality establishment. In many ways hospitality has been used as a term to describe activities that were called 'hotel & catering' in earlier times. "In Search of Hospitality: Theoretical Perspectives and Debates by Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001" In recent years, the term hospitality has become increasingly popular and may be interpreted in a number of ways whether it is commercial, industrial or public services. The keys to successful hospitality in both the commercial and private sectors include knowledge of what would evoke pleasure in the guest and hospitality as a process that includes arrival, providing comfort and fulfilment of guest's wishes, and departure. Tourism industries are not the same as other industries. It is because we provide services to the customer while some industries provide the tangible product. Thus, hospitality and tourism can not be separated, as hospitality is the key to success in the tourism industry. The following paragraph will discuss the importance of hospitality in relation to the tourism industry. Firstly, there are several components in the tourism industry, for example, food and beverages, lodging, place of attractions, and transportation. ...read more.


This is more valuable than just providing the best facilities but with the worst service. Tourism related companies must emphasize hospitality in order to succeed. In short, tourism is not just providing facilities to customers; services or hospitality is the main key that will determine the success of the tourism company. As a service provider we should provide the best services ever and must exceed the customers' expectations. Only excellent services provided will satisfy customers using any tourism service. An example of an organisation and it's practices within the hospitality sector is The Hilton Hotels. Whichever major city you find yourself in, you have a big chance of coming across Hilton Hotel. Hilton International Group is a leading global hotel brand and the company, with an expanding portfolio of hotels, mainly Hilton Brand. The company operates 380 hotels worldwide and is represented in 66 countries. Its 80,000 strong workforce looks after an average of 8 million guests every year. Article, 2002; Annual Report 2003, A skillsoft case study: Hilton hotels, The quality of the Hilton brand is such that customer service and operational excellence is higher than in most industries. With all service businesses, the contribution of people is of central importance to Hilton's success. Hilton International is totally decentralised; splitting into countries, cities and individual hotels. This meant that hundreds of managers had to be convinced about the initiative - an exercise in which SkillSoft played a fundamental role. ...read more.

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