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Explain mental health promotion.

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Question: Explain Mental Health Promotion It is a well-known fact that the suicide rate amongst teenagers in Australia is one of the highest in the world and (1). Bearing this in mind it is imperative that we begin to recognize the contributing factors that lead to depression and suicide amongst our teenagers and develop a plan to reduce these statistics and their impact on our nation. There are many definitions of mental health promotion, essentially it is promoting mental well-being, by increasing public awareness and establishing programs to support individuals and communities. This advocacy is necessary to address the modifiable determinants of health, which include socio-economic background, home environment, education, employment, work conditions and accessibility of health. ...read more.


Population Groups Rural, Youth, Older, Indigenous New arrivals to Australia Settings for Action Sport & recreation, transport, education, built environment, workplace, local government, the arts, health, justice ? ? Health Promotion Methodologies Research, Workforce education & skill development, Direct service pilots, Community strengthening, Organizational & individual capacity building, Advocacy for legislative & policy reform, Communication & Marketing, Evaluation The population groups targeted here, are the at risk groups in society today and the settings identified for access and equity; each department is responsible for administering the above health promotion methodologies. In promoting mental health there are immediate outcomes at three different levels; 1. Increased mental health literacy to the individual. ...read more.


This includes non-mental health service agencies, consumers and carers. Using assertive outreach techniques it increases general public awareness and enables the organization, communities and local government to engage in forward planning to respond to future treatment and service needs (2). Complimenting the promotion of mental health is advertising and marketing campaigns to promote programs and events such as "mental health week", "Daffodil day for schizophrenia", "Together we do better" campaign peer support programs in schools etc. In the form of articles, brochures, advertisements, radio/television, post cards bus shelters etc. This advertising promotes people to think and talk about issues thus, eliminating 'fear of the unknown' making the general public more comfortable and accepting of mental illness and those who suffer from it. ...read more.

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