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I hereby submit the final version of the REPORT ON IMPROVING THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF ELDERLY IN THE RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE FACILTIY which is a part of the assessment for HCGEN 1111, Health Care in Australia

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LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL To Ms. Debbie Ware Unit Co-ordinator, HCGEN 1111, Health Care in Australia Dear Ms. Debbie Ware I hereby submit the final version of the REPORT ON IMPROVING THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF ELDERLY IN THE RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE FACILTIY which is a part of the assessment for HCGEN 1111, Health Care in Australia according to the course descriptor of University of Ballarat. The major aim of this report is to analyse and interpret some of the programs and initiatives of Australian government with regards to Elderly in Residential Aged Care Facility and to make appropriate recommendations on them. Analyse revealed that, all programs need multidisciplinary co-operation and a good evaluator team work for the future success. I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms. Debby and to other clinical teachers who were very helpful in all my needs related to the work of this report. I am also grateful to Ms. Fiona O' Toole who has given me an opportunity to work on this report. Thanking You Yours sincerely Libin Palluppettayil Jose Re Entry student, January 2010 Intake. TITLE PAGE PURPOSE OF THE REOPRT > Analysing the above mentioned initiatives > Outline the key strengths > Describe the key weaknesses > Identify the key opportunities > Figuring out the key threats > Formulate the possible recommendations for future action. SUBMITTED TO Ms. Debbie Ware, Unit co-ordinator HCGEN 1111, Health care in Australia PREPARED BY Libin Palluppettayil Jose ID No. 30084198 Re Entry Student, January Intake. PRESENTED ON February 15, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS Serial Number Content Page number i. Abbreviations used in this report 6 ii. Glossary of terms 7 - 11 iii. Acknowledgement 12 iv. Executive summary 13 - 14 1. Introduction 1.1 Need for the imitative. 1.2 Purposes 1.3 Initiatives analysed 1.4 Source of information 15 - 16 2. Overview/impact of initiations 2.1 SWOT analysis 2.2 Analysis of the findings 2.2.1 Key Strengths 2.2.2 Key Weaknesses 2.2.3 Key Opportunities 2.2.4 Key Threats 17 - 21 3. ...read more.


of 140 services is claimed in 2008-09. The maximum payment any one GP can receive in one financial year is $2,500 R Residential Aged Care Facility A special-purpose facility which provides accommodation and other types of support, including assistance with day-to-day living, intensive forms of care, and assistance towards independent living, to frail and aged residents. Facilities are accredited by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd to receive funding from the Australian Government through residential aged care subsidies. Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse Division 1 in Victoria Registered nurses include persons with at least a three year training certificate and nurses holding post graduate qualifications. Registered nurses must be registered with the state/territory registration board. This is a comprehensive category and includes community mental health, general nurse, intellectual disability nurse, midwife and psychiatric nurse. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, I would like to thank GOD Almighty; with his grease I could finish my assignment under the given circumstances without any trouble. It is a great pleasure for me to express my sincere thanks to Dr.(Prof.) Lynette Stockhausen, Head of School and Ms. Theresa Dawson, Administrative Officer of School of Nursing, University of Ballarat for enrolling me into the program for the January 2010 batch. I would like to thank Ms. Fiona O'Toole, Course Co-ordinator, for the continuous support given to me in till the final touch up of this assignment. I utilize this opportunity to thank Ms. Debbie Ware, unit co-ordinator, for the guidance provided for the completion of this assignment. I thank Mr. Marcus Hovey and Fiona Strauss, clinical teachers, who had given full support for me throughout this assignment. I would like to thank Department of Health and Ageing, Australian institute of health and ageing, Australian Bureau of statistics and Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, for the provision of materials in the internet. I thank my mother, who supported me throughout in this course. ...read more.


* Lack of multidisciplinary cooperation (7),(10),(11) These initiatives failed in ensuring a multidisciplinary approach which is a part of success of the program. * Lack of duration information on ACFI (11) The duration of ACFI is not mentioned, so that the next government can change or avoid it. 3. CONCLUSION To put everything into a nutshell, Australia had come up with lot of initiatives for elderly residing in RACF. The continuity of care is maintained by ACAI (7). BOHRC training started because government identifies that oral hygiene plays a vital role in overall health (14). Loneliness was one of the social problems to be resolved. So the CVS (9) was introduced. Government found that maximum time was spent unnecessarily in justification of the funding and to avoid that ACFI (11) was introduced. These all ensures a better continued care to elderly in RACF. These are good tools for education also. Upon all these, the services were offered only for residents of CFRACF (7). Lack of proper evaluation won't rectify the weaknesses of these initiatives (7), (10), (11). The restricted PIP payments will result in reduced number of services to the elderly (7). If all the given recommendations are implemented, then Australia can expect a better outcome from these initiatives and the ageing population will be healthy and active. These all will ultimately increase the life expectancy of Australia and Australia will be ranking first in life expectancy rates globally. 4. RECOMMENDATINOS * More RNs have to be trained on BOHRC. * RNs have to be encouraged to work as CV. * RN can be trained in assessing the ACFI. * PIP payments should be according to the services GPs offered. It shouldn't be restricted to the maximum number of QSL. * RNs have to be given the role of evaluator of the programs. * Multidisciplinary team approach must have to be developed for all the programs. * No services should be restricted to the residents of CFRACF. It should be open to all. 5. ...read more.

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