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This report is based on the staff team at 17 Wootton Road Children's Home. It is looking at the function and purpose of the Childrens home and the individual and team development needs of the home.

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Stuart Carlton Certificate In Management Studies Module 3: Human Resource Management and Development Word count: 2,972 Contents Page Summery 3 Introduction 4 Body 5 The Team 5 Table 1: Woodcock Analysis 7 Regular review 8 Sound Intergroup Relations 8 Future changes in objectives 9 Individual skills 10 Table 2: Belbin Analysis 11 Methods for development 13 Conclusion 15 Recommendations 16 Team Development Plan 17 Individual Development Plan 17 Bibliography 18 Appendix 1: Woodcock Analysis 19 - 20 Appendix 2: Belbin Inventory 21 -23 appendix 3: Belbin Team Roles 24 Summary This report is based on the staff team at 17 Wootton Road Children's Home. It is looking at the function and purpose of the home and the individual and team development needs of the home, in order to enhance further the quality of placement for children and young people looked after by North east Lincolnshire Council. The report highlights the need of the team for a regular review process, an individual training plan requiring NVQ's and the need to address intergroup relations. the report recommends not only the introduction of NVQ's but the introduction of a structured and planned regular review process within which team needs and processes can be addressed. Introduction I am currently a Senior Care Officer at a Children's Home known as 17 Wootton Road. This is a Local Authority run home based in North East Lincolnshire. 17 wootton Road is a needs based (usually long term, occasionally short term) home for Children and Young People, who for varying reasons cannot return to their family. Our philosophy centres around providing a stable, caring, safe and nurturing environment which enables us to address the differing needs of service users. ...read more.


In discussion with members of the team, it is felt that part of their success has been the ability to develop as a rather insular unit, in that the development of Wootton Road hasn't been dependant upon other staff teams and they haven't waited for direction from senior management. The development has derived from the team who work there. It appears though that the team therefore feel that they are separated in some ways from the rest of the department and that they have to defend the way in which the team work. Some of the team still feel that other departments view Residential Childcare as an unskilled baby-sitting service which doesn't get much respect. Future changes in objectives The biggest change that lies ahead for residential childcare comes from a Government white paper, 'Modernising Social Services'. This paper outlined a special programme called Quality protects, which will; ...make sure children are properly protected against abuse, raise standards in children's homes, give children in care better opportunities for a decent education and help them set up for a successful adult life. (Modernising Social Services White Paper, 1998) In the same document, the government outline that they will introduce tough new inspection arrangements, set up eight regional Commissions for Care Standards who will be responsible ensuring that Children's homes are working towards set national standards. This will result in targets being set in homes and the introduction of systems that allows for results to be measured and monitored. Staff in the children's homes may well require training in order to see how Quality Protects may effect the service delivery and to address the necessary skills and knowledge which may be needed in order to achieve targets. ...read more.


There is a need to explore how to access/involve/influence other parts of the organisation. This may involve actively seeking to inform others of the practice and philosophy at Wootton Road. 3. That the team as a whole need space away from the 'shop floor' on a regular basis, to not only tackle the issues raised above, but to be able to Review the content and process of the teams tasks. 4. That Quality protects will undoubtedly effect and influence the delivery of residential childcare in the next 12 months. Recommendations 1. That NVQ's for all team members be introduced at the earliest opportunity, which is already due to happen by the end of 1999, with funding already agreed. 2. That a programme for regular review be introduced with the use of an appropriately experienced external facilitator. I would recommend that this is for 5 days initially (externally facilitated) and then one day per month thereafter (facilitation negotiable dependent on team needs). 4. That when it is known how Quality Protects will effect service delivery in Residential childcare, that adequate and appropriate training is provided. Team Development Plan Staff group involved Likely development need Development method Cost and resources needed Target date for completion and review All the team at Wootton Rd All the team at Wootton Rd 1.Development of sound intergroup relations. 2. Regular review process (i) Review process to identify area for development (ii) Any training needs arising from this identification (i) Initial review of five working days (ii) Ongoing process to monitor and evaluate, 1day per month. 5 day block cover for residential unit, �1,640 5day facilitation �2,000 1 day x 11 months, staff cover �3,168 1/2 facilitation (5 -6 days) �2,200 Total cost �9,008 1 month from onset of training 2 months from onset of training, monthly thereafter. ...read more.

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