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Andy Warhol: - Biography

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ANDY WARHOL: - Biography An American pop-artist, renowned for his silk screen prints of the 1960s depicting consumer goods such as the Campbell's soup can, and his works on the famous such as Jackie Kennedy/Onassis, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Warhol played on the theme of 'the cult of celebrity' famously stating that "In the future everyone will be famous from 15 minutes." Warhol was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh PA (although there is some speculation of his actual date of birth but Andy himself claimed that his 1930 birth certificate had been forged but 1928 is the most common date used.) ...read more.


In 1954 he left school with a High School diploma, he worked for "Vogue" and "Harper's Bazaar", did window displays for "Bonwit Teller" and his first advertisements for I.Miller Shoe company. In 1952 he had his first one-man exhibition at the Hugo Gallery, New York. He designed stage sets, dyed his hair straw-blond. In 1954 he was in a collective exhibition at the Loft Gallery, New York. In 1960 he made his first pictures based on comic strips and company trade names. In 1962 he produced his silk-screen prints on canvas of dollar notes, Campbell's soup cans, Marilyn Monroe, etc. ...read more.


Between 1966-68 he made severel more films and in July 1968 Warhol was shot down and dangerously injured, also in that same year he brought out his novel "a", which was consisted of telephone call recorded in his factory. He made his first move for cinema "Flash" followed by "Trash" in 1970. In 1969 the first number of the magazine "Interview" appeared, which Warhol helped to produce. In 1986 he made portraits of Lenin and self-portraits. He tragically died as a result of an operation in 1987. Famous works of Warhol include: - "Marilyn reversal series" "Liz" "Campbell's soup cans" "Dick Tracy" " Coffee Label" " Flowers 1964" " Self-portrait 1962" ...read more.

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