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“Pop artist Andy Warhol passionate, if eccentric, commentator on American society.”

Andy Warhol was a marvel of his time, he confused art issues, he sabotaged modern at. He placed Marilyn Manson and the electric chair on the same level, and popularized the image of America in all the commercial aspects. Andy Warhol also popularized boring objects, from Coco cola bottles to the U.S Dollar or to the hamburger making these everyday objects into art, this caused uproar amongst the art critics of the early 60’s who discarded his work as being “Kitsch Postcards”. I am interested on his work to do with boring objects and how he manipulated these to become interesting, but another reason why I have picked him is because I really enjoy his work and looking at his life and how he came to be one of the most controversial artist of all time.  

Even at birth his life started in a cloud of controversy and mystery. Andy Warhol was the son of a Czech Immigrant named Andrew Warhola- later known as Andy Warhol. His exact date of birth is not known, but we do know that he was born in-between 1928-1933 on the 6th August; even from here he was to maintain an artistic haze around his date of birth. At the age of seventeen he moved from his home town Pitsleurgh, Pennsylvania to the “Institute of Technology” where he studied in pictorial design. During graduation “Warhol” moved to New York where he began to work as an illustrator for magazines like “Harpers Bizaar” and “Vogue”. He also, at the same time designed window displays for many retail stores.

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Throughout the 50’s “Warhol” enjoyed many successes, he won many awards from the “Art Director’s club” and “The Institute of Graphic Art”. It was in these years that “Andrew Warhola” shortened his name to Andy Warhol. In 1952 “Warhol” had his first individual show at the “Hugo Gallery”, exhibiting 15 drawings based on the writings of Truman Capture, from here other exhibitions followed, including his first group show at the “Museum of Modern Art” in 1956.

During the 60’s “Warhol” produced same of his most powerful Art works. He took everyday (boring objects) from the mass media and ...

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