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The Life of Henri Matisse.

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The Life of Henri Matisse This is a project on the life of Henri Matisse the painter. A selection of his work throughout his painting career of nearly 60 years are displayed in the text starting with the Attic Studio painted in 1903 and ending with Nu Bleu 1 painted in 1952. Henri Matisse was born in December of 1869 in Le Ch�teau, France. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family and was well educated, eventually qualifying and then practising as a lawyer. The Attic Studio- 1903 His life changed in 1890, however, while recovering slowly from an attack of appendicitis, he became very interested in painting. In 1892, when he was aged 23 he had become so interested that he was ready to give up being a lawyer and study art and painting full time. He made that decision and having given up his law career, he went to Paris to study art properly. His first teachers were trained and very good so he had a solid grounding. ...read more.


From this time it is not accurate to describe his paintings as naturalistic, the painting of his wife showed her not only as having a green nose but different colours to each side of her face and brilliant blue hair. Artist and his Model- 1919 While he was regarded as a radical in the arts, and his style of painting is known as Fauvism, Matisse was not someone who held strong political views or who had personal opinions that he wanted to express in his work. All of his paintings are relaxed in mood and not controversial except in the spontaneous and clashing use of colours. Unlike many full time artists Matisse was not poor and although he probably had some family money his work was popular and widely known. He gained the approval of a number of influential critics and collectors, including the American expatriate writer Gertrude Stein and her family. His most important patron, who paid him for lots of his work was a Russian businessman named Sergey Schukin. ...read more.


From about 1917 until his death, Matisse spent almost all his time in the south of France, painting local scenes with bright colour. He lived in a large apartment in a hotel overlooking Nice. He once said that he wanted his art to have the affect of a good armchair on a tired businessman, this underlines the fact that most of his paintings are very relaxed and comfortable. , Nu Bleu 1- 1952 In his old age, he was commissioned to design the decoration of the small Chapel of Saint-Marie du Rosaire at Vence (near Cannes), which he completed between 1947 and 1951. Matisse died in Nice on November 3, 1954. Unlike many artists, he was internationally popular during his lifetime, enjoying the favour of collectors, art critics, and the younger generation of artists. Matisse's work reflects a number of influences: the decorative quality of Near Eastern or Islamic art, the stylised forms of the masks and sculpture of Africa, the bright colours of the French impressionists, and the less complicated forms of French artist Paul C�zanne and the cubists. Henri Matisse. Jo Moss- October 2001 ...read more.

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