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Alternative Solutions - Computer System.

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Alternative Solutions Computer System Using a computer system would solve a lot of problems. When a customer wants to join the shop bonus club, their information could be added to a special file. All the information would be stored in a database using a program such as "access" in three tables, stock table, customer table, and employee table. This data would be linked Using a HCI like Visual Basic, someone in the company could create an easy way for customers to add their details, amend current details or delete their details if they wanted to stop being a member. The staff would use this same idea but the Vb program would be linked to the employee table instead of the customer, and the same with the stock. ...read more.


2. It would save room, as you wouldn't have to have a large filling cabinet in the room. 3. With different features such as clipart, if you ever need to create documents such as flyers or posters, you can add computer graphics. 4. A lot of information can be stored on the hard drive. 5. If a mistake is made it can be easily corrected. 6. Updates to information would be instant. 7. It is quick so staff wont waste time, meaning the business saves money. 8. With the link to the tills the database will constantly be updated. Disadvantages for computerized solution: 1. ...read more.


3. To keep the system neat and in order whoever was viewing the documents or adding a document would have to be very careful that they put them back in the correct place. 4. If someone makes a mistake halfway through a form they will have to start again, which will be time consuming, or they will have to cross it out which will make it untidy. 5. If the person writing the document has untidy writing then no body will be able to read it, which will cause inconvenience. 6. This system would have a high maintenance level. From the advantages and disadvantages of the Computer and Manual solutions it is quite clear that the better solution is the Computer one, so we will use that. ...read more.

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