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An investigation into the opening of a fast food restaurant in Stotfold

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GCSE DESIGN BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT HAYLEY MARTIN 11K Contents Page Contents 2 Aims & Objectives 3 Investigation & Research Methods - Primary Research 4 - 5 - Secondary Research 6 Objective 1) - Competition 7 Analysis and Interpretation-Results 8 Objectives 2) & 3) Results - Gender 9 - Age 10 - Usage 11 - Visit Frequency 12 - Preference 13 - Transport 14 - Most Important Feature 15 - Cost 16 Combining Results 17 - Frequency 18 - Feature - Preference 19 - Cost 20 Objective 4) - Place 21 Objective 5) & 6) - Cost & Legislation 22 Evaluation & Recommendation 23 Aim & Objectives Submission date: 28th October 2002 This report was requested by Miss Braybrook and is an investigation into the opening of a fast food restaurant in Stotfold. I'm an 11th Year Student at Samuel Whitbread Community College studying Design Business at GCSE level Aim The aim of my assignment is to find out whether the opening of a fast food restaurant in Stotfold would represent a sound business proposition. Objectives I intend to investigate the commercial viability of the proposed business by examining the following objectives: 1) Competition Whether the business could compete with other established fast food businesses. 2) Prices Can the local residents afford fast food? Do they consider it to be too cheap/expensive? 3) Product Do the people in Stotfold like Fast food? 4) Place Are there suitable places in Stotfold for the development of a fast food restaurant? Where would the population of Stotfold prefer a restaurant to be sited? Is there good access to Stotfold/the Premises chosen? 5) Cost Transporting goods Hiring staff Premises -Land to build on -Rent of premises 6) Legislation Land to build on Planning permission Investigation and Research Methods To investigate these objectives I will need to collect information from existing businesses, and from the population in Stotfold. ...read more.


Usage Below is a table showing, out of the people that currently visit Fast food restaurants, who would use a new one in the area. Would use new Would not use new 19 3 Here is a pie chart showing the data above. These results suggest that a new fast food business would be profitable. Assuming the sample is a correct representative of the population of Stotfold then I would say this is a very positive set of results. They indicate that the current population are not happy with current fast food restaurants in the area and a vast majority would use a new restaurant. However, even if this data is correct you cannot rely on 86% of Stotfold using a new restaurant because of: - a) The 86% that would use a new restaurant, all want different types of take away restaurants. It will not be possible to satisfy all of them with the building of one new restaurant b) People may say in theory that they would use a new restaurant but in practice not get round to it in the first crucial few months for a business. Visit Frequency Below is a table showing how often people visit fast food restaurants. Never Once a month Twice a month Once a week Once a week + 1 5 9 6 2 Here is that information on a pie chart. This tells me that the majority of people visit fast food restaurants between two and four times per month. This shows me that people in Stotfold can afford to eat at fast food restaurants quite regularly although they are not seen as an everyday alternative to eating in. Preference Chinese Italian Burger Kebab Fish & Chips 7 2 5 4 4 This table shows which types of fast food people prefer. Here is the information on a pie chart. This shows Chinese as being the most popular type of food in Stotfold. ...read more.


Below is a map showing the location I referred to. The area is within the shaded rectangle. Cost & Legislation (6 & 7) "Under the National Minimum Wage Act and Regulations from 1st October 2000, there is a general minimum wage of �3.70 an hour, a youth rate minimum of �3.20 from 1 June 2000 an hour (18-21 year olds) and a six month minimum "development rate" of �3.20 an hour for workers over 22 who are accredited training." www.is4profit.com If the fast food business is to have employees then they need to follow the payment guidelines above otherwise they may risk prosecution. The land I have chosen for a possible fast food restaurant has planning permission to build on and if one was to rent space inside a new building there then it is the responsibility of the developers to ensure that the building there is legal. Evaluation and Recommendation Evaluation I think that a larger sample size would have produced more accurate and reliable results, ideally about 50 people. My sample came from a combined class sample, I originally thought this would mean I would get a larger amount of data but actually meant there were fewer results form my local area than I would have collected myself and the results didn't include all the questions I included on my questionnaire. Knowing the jobs of the people that filled in the questionnaire would have helped me to know the income in the local area e.g. Budget fast food may not be very popular in extremely well off areas. If I were to do this again I would try to get a more representative group of Stotfold by including opinions from every age group etc Stotfold is growing fast. The number of fast food restaurants in the area isn't increasing with the population. With two new housing estates planned, there is likely to be about two thousand more potential customers in the area and local businesses are bound to cash in. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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