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Business Administration

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Business Administration The idea of studying business administration has appealed to me greatly and has encouraged me to further develop my education following this path. I have a keen enthusiasm to pursue a degree in Business Administration as I enjoy the challenges it sets and find the many different areas of business you are able to branch out into, very exciting! From research about the subject I'm expecting to greatly further my learning of how businesses operate and be able to then put my knowledge into practice. I am confident within myself and find communication with others easy. I want to study at university to deepen my understanding of the knowledge and skills I already have. ...read more.


I studied I.T for G.C.S.E then furthering my knowledge, I studied I.C.T for A.S Level as I recognise that a skill for information technology is useful, if not essential, for the progression of business in modern society. During the year I am studying my three A levels, I have also decided to study Business Studies at A.S Level, due to an increase in eagerness to pursue the subject but also to ensure I have a basic understanding of business operations for further use in my learning in University. I have managed to balance my 'A' Levels with a part-time job and an enjoyable school and social life, which has not only developed my skills of working as part of a team and organising my time efficiently but has ...read more.


I participated in a one-day outdoor and adventurous activities course, which is run by The Royal Regiment of Wales and The Royal Welch Fusiliers. Elements of leadership skills, teamwork, challenges and physical activities were included, three of which I hope will become helpful in use with my chosen degree in university. I have also travelled to many countries, including America, Spain, Cyprus, France and Belgium, which has broadened my knowledge and awareness of other cultures. I am a successful and enthusiastic horse-riding competitor, and have participated in many different disciplines of the equine world. I have previously qualified to compete at the Horse of the Year Show, which takes much persistence and determination and although I will miss competing I look forward to the new opportunities that will be offered to me at university. ...read more.

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