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Business Communication 1-) a-) A Communication process is constituted by the elements

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Student: Caio Correa ID#: 202691 Teacher: Mr. James Lee Business Communication 1-) a-) A Communication process is constituted by the elements of communication, which are the Sender, the message sent, the language used to send it, the system, the language used to receive it, the receiver and, finally, the message received. The combination of these elements is called the communication process. The success of it will often depend on how well attuned you are to needs of the receiver. If you want to command attention, you must think on how your message will come across your target audience. b-) The barriers to a good communication process can bi listed as the following: Lack of organization, different motivations, different perceptions, empathy problems (criticising, diagnosing, ordering, threatening and logical argument). Also, defective encoding, defective medium, inappropriate environment and defective decoding. To reduce these barriers it's important to always plan your message, avoid making unfounded assumptions, make intelligent use of the code, medium and environment, use empathy, seek and give feedback, listen actively and finally, check the understanding of the message. c-) To be a good listener, it's important to put down your "guard" and to put yourself through the other's eyes. ...read more.


I hope we can join this quest together and help ourselves to keep our business alive and wealthy through many years to come. Further information about prices and destinations will be sent to your agencies Head Office as soon as possible in a way that we can start our new campaign. Thank you all for your attention and good luck to all of us from now on. Caio Fontana Correa 5-) a-) Position: Warehouse Manager "I'm applying for this job because I have affinity with this business and I have been orienting my career towards it. The Logistics field is my specialized career and I'm willing to gather more information and knowledge to keep improving and being able to provide a better service to my employer. I'm committed to the job, reliable and I'm looking forward to start a new challenge. Best regards, Caio F. Correa RESUME Attached b-) To Mr. Clement Tiong HO HUP Building Materials PTY Ltd. Address: 3rd Fl Choi Hung Building, 85 Hyssan Av., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Mr Tiong, We'd like to acknowledge having received your letter regarding the late delivery of your purchased material and further claim of 20% discount in the final price. ...read more.


As we got out, the firemen were arriving and already took care of him in the ambulance. Fortunately, the only wound is a broken leg and the man will be OK in a month or two." 10-) Mr. Fred, In the past few months working in this sector, I've been noticing some deficiencies on it that I'd like to share with you. Right now, we have 7 people working there, which are 4 typists and 3 clerks. The workload is not correctly distributed and I think this is a good opportunity to rationalize the workforce in the sector. I'd like to propose some changes in the structure in order to optimise our performance and enhance our inside and outside reputation by working also on our staff morale. I propose that we dismiss two of our typists and keep only the fundamental work with the other two. If we can also encourage the clerks to only ask for important jobs to be typed we would be operating in a more cost effective environment and we would be acting in a proactive way towards the changes in the business. I'm looking forward to have further discussions in this matter with you and I'll be available in my workstation when needed. Sincerely, Caio F. Correa ...read more.

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