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Business Industry Trend - Intelligence

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"More intelligence needed, Study Says"- Newspaper Article Assignment SUMMARY It has recently been found by a new Accenture survey that 90% of large business moguls in the United States require stronger business sense from employees in order to provide to supply analysis and insight of their operations so as to blossom successfully in the business market. The point of this survey, which was taken from 150 senior executives at Fortune 1000 organizations, was to accurately analyze the business industry's inclination to handle challenges that may impede the growth of various businesses in America. Indecision and various changes are the main causes of this hindrance, and when respondents to this survey were asked to identify the greatest barrier concerning their ...read more.


This indicates that overall, these results show that business executives need to face a major obstacle in that this uncertainty pervades all the various of a business. Though the answers of the respondents varied in terms of the specific factors that would hinder a business's growth, there was widespread agreement on how to tackle their main difficulty. About 91% of respondents checked off that stronger analytical and business intelligence ability is an area that would increase their preparedness to address major challenges. As well, some other important areas that respondents checked off are organizational culture that is more change-friendly, as well as a more vigorous IT infrastructure. ANALYSIS The trend in this article is the societal changes in the workplace. ...read more.


So, if the American offices require the ability for workers to appropriately and Accurately, it is likely that the Canadian offices, which are run the same way, will have this need as well. This will affect the job market because now, not only must an applicant be appropriately skilled and trained, they must have the character that is needed to analyze the data of a business. As well, since not everyone has these analyzing skills that are required for many jobs, but cannot be acquired with an education, there will turn out to be more job opportunities than job seekers. This may have a positive effect on the job market in the future, since there will be people to supply for this job demand, increasing corporate productivity, etc. ...read more.

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