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Business Skills in travel and tourism. Scenario: you have just finished school and are now working as a travel agency. The agencies manager has decided to create a handbook on financial and administrative procedures. As you have just received training and

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Unit 6 Business Skills in travel and tourism Scenario: you have just finished school and are now working as a travel agency. The agencies manager has decided to create a handbook on financial and administrative procedures. As you have just received training and have the skills to design the booklet. Task 1 Produce a word processed booklet which describes the administrative and finical procedures. Set out your booklet in 3 sections The administrative procedures used to process sales Enquire forms It is important that for the organisation to record every enquiry so that it can be followed up, to try to convert the enquiry into a sale. The organisation needs to record some customer details. This can be done either on a standardised form or on a computer. Booking Form Booking forms is when a customer books a product or service, this information also needs to be recorded. You would have to record the customer's details and the details of the product that the customers booked. ...read more.


The employer must inform the organisation of where they have booked of this incident. Incorrect price on an invoice This is a major problem because you can end up paying extra money that you didn't need to pay for. To deal with this you would have to send a letter to the customer explaining what has happened, and also over charging would signify that you must refund ''monies to the customer''. Incorrect address on a customer file * Since there are many different ways of communication used today, it would be doable to telephone or email the client to get their correct address and details. The Financial procedures used to process sales * Payment methods accepted (debit cards, credit cards, travellers' cheques and cash). The benefits of each one of the organisation and to customers Travellers cheques - This is used to gain foreign money. You can buy the cheques in different currency. Traveller's cheques can only be redeemed for money with identification and the signature of the person who originally signed traveller's cheques when it was purchased. ...read more.


Step two- A receptionist should be issued to the customer as a record that payment has been made. Step three- complete appropriate financial documentation, you need to ensure that the customer file is kept up to date and that the account reflects this. How to deal with discrepancies and inaccuracies Declined card & returned cheques Debit or credit card payments will be declined if the credit limit is over beyond or if there is no fund in the account of the card. If the customers card has been refused you must ask the customer to pay by another method. If a cheque has been refused from a bank, you need to contact the customer to inform them that the cheque has been rejected and that they must use another method of payment. * ''This must be done in writing, so that you have a written copy of the customers file''. BIBLOGRAPHY ALL QUOTES - BTEC FIRST TRAVEL & TOURISM BY EDEXCEL ?? ?? ?? ?? TG: 62N ...read more.

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