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Business - Sports Industry Research

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Sports Industry Research Table 1.1: Summary of Popular Sports and Physical Activities Undertaken (% of adults), 2001 Fitness-Related Sports and Activities Swimming 22.0 Walking/rambling 21.2 Aerobics/keep fit 12.5 Cycling 11.6 Weights/working out 9.2 Jogging 6.4 Competitive Sports and Activities Golf 8.3 Football 6.7 Badminton 6.2 Tennis 4.9 Bowls 3.6 Squash 2.9 Cricket 2.9 This helps tell me how popular each sport is, I can use this to help me base which products I will stock, in order of popularity of sport. Golf is arguably the most popular of the fully competitive sports undertaken by a large number of people, and it certainly generates the highest level of consumer expenditure per participant. The participation rates for football and aerobics indicate their all-adults levels, but in fact they are much more popular with, respectively, men and women. Although participation rates fall to less than 5% for many sports, those who do take part can be very enthusiastic and put that activity at the centre of their lifestyles as consumers. ...read more.


The sports fashion trend had a knock-on effect on sports retailing. It allowed High Street sports retailers to evolve from being small, specialised and usually independent shops - often working together in buying groups - into large, multiple businesses. Like the health club leaders, the companies are often publicly quoted and have international ambitions. The sports retailing market is approaching saturation, however, and consolidation has taken place, including important ownership changes in 2002 which have left the High Street with four major players - Blacks Leisure Group, JJB Sports, JD Sports and All:sports - owning over 1,600 outlets between them. Blacks has become the dominant leader in outdoor retailing as there has been parallel growth for outdoor pursuits and the outdoor `look' for non-participants. JJB Sports has started to diversify away from its original sports fashion business - and a base, along with JD Sports and All:sports, in football replica kits - into department stores and even health clubs. ...read more.


2000 2001 1997-2001 Sports clothing 2,500 2,625 2,550 2,600 2,750 10.0 Sports footwear 1,275 1,200 1,150 1,200 1,100 -13.7 Total 3,775 3,825 3,700 3,800 3,850 2.0 Source: Key Note As a percentage of all clothing bought in the UK, sports clothing has an 8.7% value share - down slightly from 9.4% in 1997. Meanwhile, sports footwear is more dominant, taking 24.6% of the total footwear market in 2001, but also losing share. The Equipment Market The Family Expenditure Survey also includes spending on a category called Sports Goods, although this includes camping equipment. Key Note makes its own estimates of `pure' spending on equipment. Table 1.5: Consumer Expenditure on Sports Equipment by Value (�m), 1997-2001 % Change 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 1997-2001 Value (�m) 710 700 675 725 750 5.6 Source: Key Note The equipment market is valued at �750m for 2001 (having fluctuated over the past 5 years, but not shown any substantial growth, owing to the trend in keeping fit). Excluded from this figure is �150m worth of `institutional' spending. ...read more.

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