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Business Studies Presentation: Frederick Winslow Taylor.

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Business Studies Presentation: Frederick Winslow Taylor. Fascinating facts about Frederick Winslow Taylor inventor of Scientific Business Management in 1894. Taylor, Frederick Winslow (1856-1915), American industrial engineer, who originated scientific management in business. Born in Pennsylvania Taylor in 1878, began working at the Midvale Steel Company. He became foreman of the steel plant and applied himself to studies in the measurement of industrial productivity. ...read more.


In the theory of industrial management, organisation has two principal aspects. One relates to the establishment of so-called lines of responsibility, drawn usually in the form of an organisation chart that designates the executives of the business, from the president to the foreperson or department head, and specifies the functions for which they are responsible. The other principal aspect relates to the development of a staff of qualified executives. ...read more.


Today we call it benchmarking. � Decompose the task into its constituent elements. We call it business process re-design. � Get rid of things that don't add value. Work out, we call it now. I subjectively believe that from the above info we're basically doing things one more time than we need to do them. My argument is that simply getting better is usually not enough. Whether it involves cycle time, quality or whatever, most of re-engineering has been about catching up. ...read more.

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