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Describe and explain the objectives of the business

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Describe and explain the objectives of the business An objective is a goal the business wishes to achieve in its aim. Businesses exist to provide goods and services. All businesses, whether they aim to make a profit or not, have to make products or provide services that satisfies customer wants or needs. Businesses set themselves objectives that govern the way they operate. For example; Making a profit Surviving. ?Increasing sales or market share. ?Providing services to the community. ?Producing high quality products or offering high quality services. ?Developing a skilled workforce. ?Fulfilling charitable or non-profit objectives such as caring for the environment. All businesses have particular attitudes, values and beliefs that make up their culture. British Airways objectives are: -To be a safe and secure airline. ...read more.


Have good engineering to make sure the plan is fit to fly. If British airways deliver a strong and constant financial performance this will please their shareholders as the share price could go up. Employees will be happy, as their jobs won't be at risk. To achieve this they would need a good financial department to measure their profit and loss account, they need good sales and should try and save costs weather possible. British Airways want to become global leader of worldwide business air travel. To achieve this they would need to own a huge market share be competitive with other business travel airlines and will need to achieve most of its objectives to become the global leader of worldwide business air travel. ...read more.


To achieve this they will need to know what the customers want they can do this by using questionnaires and other forms of research. British Airways want to have an Equal opportunity policy this means they should treat everyone equally. To achieve this they should make sure staff treat customers equally and that the staff are treated equally as well. To be a good employer and sustain a working environment that attracts, retains and develops committed employees who share in the success in the company. British Airways wants to achieve this so that workers work well together to help the company. To do this they will need to make sure all the staff are treated equally, trained well and happy. British Airways want to be a good neighbor concerned for the company and the environment if they achieve this they get a good reputation for being environmentally friendly and this could bring more customers to the business. ...read more.

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