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Designing Business Cards

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After looking at three other business cards, I designed my own business card using Desk Top Publishing software. I used this because it provided me with a variety of templates to choose from and it had a wizard, which gave me simple step-by-step instructions on what to do. It also allowed me to move the text, add graphics, experiment with different colours, change fonts and play about with the layout of my business card. This saved me a lot of time by providing me with a template and all I had to do was to add my personal information. Business card 1 has a heading that featured a big and bold heading, which has been centred. The heading is white text on a dark background that makes it stand out and makes it more eye catching. Similarly business card 2 has a heading that features bold text but it is left aligned unlike business card 1 which is centre aligned. Like business card1 the headings colour and the background its on makes it stand out. Business card 3 is also very similar to the other two business letters as it also has a bold centre aligned heading which is again bold. But unlike the first two business cards the heading does not stand out as much. ...read more.


I think my business card is most like business card 2 because it is very simple and professional it doesn't use any "fancy" fonts to attract your attention instead it simply gives my contact details. In my opinion, the most effective use of font is on business card 3 because by changing the font and the fonts size it draws your attention to certain parts of the business card. It also makes it very attractive and eye catching. This is very helpful because it's advertising the business and if it looks appealing then it will attract more attention from customers. Borders and shading are often used in business card designs. For example business card 1 has not used borders and shading because they have chosen to use a picture that covers the entire background of the card. It would look odd if they were to place a border over a background picture. I personally think that business card 2 would look better with a border because the card is just simply white with plain black text on it, it would have looked more attractive if it had a simple border around the edge of the card. Business card3 has a border, which runs down the right hand side and the bottom of the card. ...read more.


On business cards 2 the only graphic is the company logo I think they have done this to make the logo stand out. On business card 3 they have a image of a forest with trees. It doesn't stand out too much as it is in a light colour and is more like a background then a image. On my business card I have used a image of two hand shaking. I chose this image to show that our company is very friendly and that we work together. I feel that my business card makes best use of the graphic because I feel business card 1 looks too "tacky" and business card 2 is too simple. In conclusion I would say that the best business card of the ones I have compared is business card 3 because it makes excellent use of using different fonts and justifications to draw your attention to different parts of the card. I also think the layout of the card looks very attractive and suitable for target customer. The graphics and images used are also good because its not too simple and its not too tacky. The least effective business card is business card 1 because I think the background picture of the black fencing looks too big and "tacky" for a business card, it makes the card look more like a brochure. It also did not make good use of the space as the centre of the card contained no text. ...read more.

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