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Forms of business organisation

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1) FORMS OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION a) Sole proprietorship: in this business is run by only by one man and the profits and losses are taken by him only. In this case, resources are scarce which may act as a hindrance for the profit of the business. The liability is unlimited and it is easy to form such a enterprise as only one person owns the business. b) Partnership firm: such a category involves two or more people to form a organization. The liability is unlimited and it doesn't involve many legal issues in its formation. c) Note: acc. to the partnership act of India, 1956, there is no limit on the no. of people who can form such organization. But acc. to the co. act, the limit for the banking sector is just 10 people and for any other business organization, the limit is 20 people. d) Joint Stock Company: such business organization is characterized by a joint stock, which is held by all the members on equal basis. ...read more.


b) Labour: businessman would always like to reduce its labour cost and it would prefer a area the labour is easily available. c) Transportation & Electricity: he would prefer facilities like Transportation & Electricity. They should be easily available and that to at a lower cost so that the overall costs are reduced. d) Raw Material: the raw material should be easily available and that to in abundance at a cheaper cost to meet the production targets. e) Banking: banking facilities should be easily available in that area for the smooth financial requirements of that company. f) Climatic conditions should be favorable for the opening of plant because you can't afford to open a plant in that area which is affected by floods, draughts, etc. g) Government Rules and Regulations should be not that strict that it becomes difficult for you to run your business. 3) GOVERNMENT POLICY According to government policy, to check concentration of industries at one point, the government gave two different approaches i.e. ...read more.


Fabian entrepreneurs are those who will continue to use the same systems or techniques of operations unless and until they are forced by the external factors to change their way, e.g. the case study of Nirma- initially the company used door-to-door selling to market their product. But it was forced by the competitors e.g. surf, etc. to change its process or marketing strategies to stay ahead in the competition. 4) Drone are those entrepreneurs who will continue to use same techniques even though if they are forced by the external factors. As a result, these entrepreneurs will be wiped out from the competitive market due to the usage of the same product or technique or procedures e.g. Super Seal Ltd. Which is a Faridabad based company, which has introduced the airtight containers, but due to its old technology the company was forced to shut down its operation/plans. The major drawback of this philosophy given by Dan Holf was that it had included those people also who didn't fall under the category of entrepreneurs or those people who were devoid of any features of the entrepreneurs. ...read more.

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