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I have been asked in this assignment to write a report about Asda and also about the different laws, which help the consumers and how to make customers happy

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Keeping Customers Happy I have been asked in this assignment to write a report about Asda and also about the different laws, which help the consumers and how to make customers happy. In my full report these are the criteria's, which will be included: � The different types of customers at Asda � How good customer service can affect a business performance � What services to Asda provide to the customers � The protection of customers receive by law and sources of information Section 1: A01 In this section I will be explaining the following: We can identify customers of a range of different categories we can do it on race, age colour, culture, special needs, kids, careers, etc. � The different variety of customers at Asda There are a wide variety of customers, who needs or wants a particular product or service. Asda has different types of customers, including: * External customers: Individuals (such as your self) or visitors are very important for ASDA because they have to cater to as many individuals as possible. This is done by making a wide selection of products and extra facilities'. * Other business organizations such as Tesco, Sainsbury etc * Different ethnic groups like: Asians, Afro Caribbean, and White etc * Different cultures such as: Muslims, Sikhs, Indians, Jews, Chinese, Hindus and Buddhist etc * Non-English speakers, Special disabled people like Wheel chair, pensioners blind etc * From different cultures you have got different catering market such as: � Halal food for Muslims this means that they can only eat meat which has been specially cut by a Muslim person. � Same as Muslims, they only eat Halal due to their religion they do not eat any meat products. * Young boys and girls age from 2-4, 5-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17, there is a specific section targeted for each age group e.g. baby section * Business men and woman, this type of customer will usually come at lunch time to buy a sandwich or drink. ...read more.


the product either front or back about vegetarians or calories etc � Communicate with customers calmly Things in which the three businesses do different are: � Sainsbury visit customers at home and ask them about the products to find out how the products are performing in terms of quality and price. Then this information will be passed on to ensure that there products are right for the customers � Tesco organizes and run over 1600 customer questions where customers are invited to come and talk to their local store management team about their shopping likes and dislikes � Asda offer a policy called the 'ten foot rule' this is whenever a member of staff comes within ten feet of a customer they must greet them and ask for any assistance After comparing the three businesses Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco you can see the majority of services are the same with having these services the business is more likely to benefit from more repeat business and also an edge over competitors. So if Asda carries on good customer their performance will dramatically increase their profits and their will be more satisfied customers. Section 2: AO3 In this section I will produce a guidance report of how customers can be protected and the different organization, which customers can go to receive advice. I will be explaining the following laws: � Sale of goods Act � Trades Description Act � Weights and Measures Act � Food and drug Act � Food and safety Act � Consumer protection Act � Consumer Credit Act Consumer protection describes various laws, which are designed to protect consumers from unfair and bad business practises. Some of the legislations deal with the consumer's safety; other laws attempt to protect the consumer from exploitation by strong or unethical firms. The UK government and the EU pass laws to protect the interest of consumers and employees, failure to protect vulnerable groups (e.g. ...read more.


Once the investigation is complete, a full response will be sent to you, to address all your concerns. I hope we bring this matter to a conclusion as soon as possible. You're sincerely Comet Customer service manager Comet Plc Anglian Retail Park Ipswich Suffolk The Limes The old bowling green High street Yoxford Suffolk IP13 8QY Dear AJ Hook Further to our letter of 14th March we have now completed our second investigation, and found that the member of staff who dealt with you on your visit did not fully treat you with the quality of customer service that our customers should expect. The staff member is fully aware of their actions and would like to apologize, to you for the poor service offered on the day. Comet has now taken immediate actions to retrain this member of staff in the quality customer service that we promise to all our customers. Again Comet apologizes for your disappointing time at Comet and as a gesture or goodwill; Comet offers you �50 worth of Comet vouchers to spend on your next purchase at our stores. I hope that our investigation addressed all your concerns and that you are satisfied with the results and we are now bringing this investigation to a close. We hope to see you again in our stores and welcome any further suggestions that you may have to improve our customer service policy. You're sincerely Tarif Customer service Manager Task 5: Letter review: I think the letter I wrote to the customer was reasonable good, because it included lots of information about how the situation was going to be resolved and also a welcome gift for the bad service which was provided. I also used spell check to see if there were any mistakes in the letter and corrected all grammar. There was right punctuation and grammar was used and also both letters was written in the right format. To improve the letter I could write more or make the font bigger to read, so it is understandable. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tarif Ahmed 10k ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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