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I have chosen Cadbury's as my manufacturing organisation. Cadbury's was first opened as a little shop in 1824, which sold tea, coffee, mustard, coca and drinking chocolate.

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Task 3 + 4 Introduction and Background Information I have chosen Cadbury's as my manufacturing organisation. Cadbury's was first opened as a little shop in 1824, which sold tea, coffee, mustard, coca and drinking chocolate. Growing sales of John Cadbury (founder of Cadbury's) coca and drinking chocolate of superior quality determined the future of the business. In 1831 a small factory was rented. An old malt hose in Crooked Lane in Birmingham. John Cadbury became the manufacturer of coca and drinking chocolate. This was the start of the Cadbury's manufacturing business, as it is known today. The earliest coca bean product were balanced by mixing the ground coco with potato starch and sago flour to absorb the excess coca butter, with other ingredients and this was all John Cadbury's work. By 1842, John Cadbury was selling sixteen different sorts of drinking chocolates and eleven cocas. He had names such as 'Churchmans Chocolate', 'Spanish Chocolate' and 'fine Brown Chocolate'. In 1847 a larger factory in Birmingham was rented and John Cadbury took his brother Benjamin into partnership and the family business became Cadbury Brothers Birmingham. PM Gladstone reduced taxes on imported coca beans in 1855. ...read more.


High speed systems also check the weight and if additional ingredients such as fruit and nuts are included in the recipe. The distribution of these extra items is automatically checked. Each week the Bournville site alone produces in excess if 1,500 tonnes of chocolate. This is equivalent to 1.6 million bars of various kinds plus 50 million hazelnut whirls, almond clusters and other individual chocolates, as well as 66,000 Cadbury Cr�me Eggs that are laid every year. All this is because of computers and scientists. Process which are used in Cadbury's Factories The Computers & Electronics: The computer monitors recognises the production line for errors, this reduces labour costs and is more accurate. The electronics are used to check the temperature at which the chocolate is kept. Engineers: To check all the computers are working to the standards and to fix the computers that aren't functioning properly. This uses Physics. Production Line: These people use biology in harvesting cocoa beans and fermenting them. The Nutrients Writing in the Pakages: Uses biology to write about what nutrients are in the product and how much percentage fat and energy can be obtained from one single bar. ...read more.


The machines before were not tested regularly, in fact, they were only tested once every year. Not many people where up to standards with "Health and Safety", whereas now everyone knows just in case a member of staff may be ill and someone has to take over. Also there was no white uniform and women were allowed to keep long hair and long nails but now the modifications have changed and the white uniform is a must for hygienic purposes and for the safety of the consumers. There weren't many setbacks for Thames Water because they always have to be alert when supplying to water. Any sort of contamination would cost them severely and will affect millions of homes. Cadbury in the Market Today: Cadbury's is the leading UK chocolate confectionery market with thirteen brands in the top thirty. This is eight more than anyone else! Chocolate is a big market with its annual sales in the UK over 500,000 tonnes and export sales of 98,000 tonnes. Out of the whole of the European Union, Britain has one of the highest chocolate consumption levels, with 90% of the population buying chocolate on a regular basis, and this is due to chocolate being sold at an affordable price. ...read more.

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