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I have produced a report examining different structures, functional areas which I have selected and information flows. I have also produced questionnaires for Thorpe Park and Lloyd's pharmacy to compare the differences between each structure.

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Content Page Business information systems report 3 Lloyd's Pharmacy Organisation structure 3 Lloyd's Pharmacy 3 Advantages: 4 Disadvantages 4 Thorpe Park 5 Advantages 6 Disadvantages 6 Thorpe Park Organisation Structure 7 Functional Areas 8 1.Human Resources 8 2.Marketing and Sales 8 3.Accounts or finance 8 4.Health and Safety 9 5.Engineering 9 Information Flow Diagram For Thorpe Park 10 Trigger 11 Information Flow Diagram For Lloyds Pharmacy 12 Trigger 13 Conclusion 14 Bibliography 16 Editor/Author 16 Publisher 16 Date Published 16 Page Number 16 Memorandum To: J Presho From: Manmeet Kaur Date: 2nd November 2005 Business information systems report As you requested on 2nd November 05, I have produced a report examining different structures, functional areas which I have selected and information flows. I have also produced questionnaires for Thorpe Park and Lloyd's pharmacy to compare the differences between each structure. Lloyd's Pharmacy Organisation structure Lloyd's Pharmacy Lloyd's Pharmacy is a flat structure business because it's a local business and it has only 2 levels and there is only one person at the top making decisions. Jeff has direct control over all of three employees in the business. Jeff is happy with his business and he doesn't want to expand. This reflects the authority that Jeff (who is the owner) has over all aspects of the business and its employees and the decisions he makes. ...read more.


Health and Safety department also Responsible for organizing the work and ensuring it is carried out safely, consults with the employees on health and safety matters, ensure those safety rules are followed, agrees safety rules and practices, chairs the safety committee, ensures machinery and equipment are safe to use, initiates discipline for breaches of safety rules and initiates request for safety work. The Health and Safety Department has responsibilities to integrate health and safety matters into their planning and decision-making procedures, identify and choose methods and techniques that can be used to train and communicate with staff, detect, control or eliminate hazards, and monitor and review performance. It also allocates responsibilities and devises a timetable for the implementation of their plan, deals with accidents and records all accidents in an accident book. 5.Engineering At Thorpe Park the Engineering Department mainly deals with rides and check whether the rides are working properly or not and also deals with health and safety guidelines, environment, landscape/waste, park cleaning, maintenance electricity, cleaning vacancies, planner and architect. Information Flow Diagram For Thorpe Park Trigger The trigger for the accident report to Health and Safety is a member of staff tripping and falling in. This is (Sales and Marketing) require under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation) rectify problems e.g. if same accident is recurring. . Engineering Department complaint to Human resources about a staff member who is responsible for the accident then Human Resources set a interview with member of a staff and then they will diced whether dismiss him or not. ...read more.


Software programmes are applications that are bought in from major manufacturers such as Microsoft, Oracle (database), Computer Associate (backup) and Network Associate (anti-virus). These can be specifically suited to a particular business function, such as Finance packages, which include wages and payroll systems, spreadsheets, etc. Other more sophisticated software, such as AutoCAD, may be necessary for their Engineers and the production team for their Entertainment's Department. They primarily use Microsoft Office 97, which contains a comprehensive range of applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint. It is possible to customise their own databases - for instance, they have one specifically written for their Guest Services Department, Charter 2000. This logs comments made by guests, produces a personalised reply, and collates information so that it can be reproduced in report form using a programme called Business Systems. The sales and admission system is called Omni Ticket Network. OTN have supplied all the hardware apart from the hard drives, VDU screens and keyboards, which are standard hardware made by Compaq. The software used is called Overview. Its primary purpose is to provide a data repository for Sales, guests and admissions data and to provide tools to allow analysis of this imported data. A secondary function is to facilitate the exchange systems, and General Marketing Database (GMD), the external guest contact system. Attractions General Database (AGD) configures all the information taken from Overview (information collected through Admissions on the tills each day) and turns it into reports for Finance and Marketing. ...read more.

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