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I will be comparing the marketing techniques (branding, Ans off and Customer Relationship Management) used by two chosen organisations, Prada and Santander.

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Unit 3: Assignment 3- Marketing Mix M1: I will be comparing the marketing techniques (branding, Ans off and Customer Relationship Management) used by two chosen organisations, Prada and Santander. Branding Prada: The brand became a premium status symbol in the 1990s. It uses such a simple logo yet it is recognised worldwide. No colour is used in the logo and that gets printed on every item that is made. To many people, Prada signifies elegance and wealth. Santander's visual identity consists of the flame and the word Santander as a frame for the logo of the specific unit where it is displayed. The strategic positioning of the brand is summarised by the slogan: "The value of ideas". It sees its brand as a strategic asset that creates value. Prada delivers expensive products and it is one of the world's top luxury brands. Experience shows that customers expect to pay more for a branded product than for an unbranded products. ...read more.


Santander acquires customers by their advertisements. They will try to the best of their ability to show what they have to offer their customers and what benefits they will get once they open a bank account with them. "Special Offer! �100 cashback and 5% AER (fixed) when you switch using our dedicated Switching Service and pay at least �1,000 into your new account each month." For Santander to retain its customers, they will need their customers to have trust in them and for them to extend they should encourage customers to put in more money and they will earn something back. In order for Santander to deliver more value to customers, it has set up an extensive training program to support staff and equip their employees with the skills they need to submit with their front-desk roles. Prada acquires customers by advertising on the high streets. They will try to make their advertisements eye catching and very attractive to get you to find out more about the product and maybe visiting one of their stores to check the new product they have launched out. ...read more.


Ans off Having Ans off lets them look closer at their company and their competitors and see what's new in the market by also looking at customer needs. After gathering all the information needed it then helps them set targets on what to achieve and how to produce a better product. It will have to look at the current market, product development, new market and then diversification. Customer Relationship Management Prada's opportunities are to expand the product line by acquiring other labels. The expansion will get the company more customers and that means more profit. Prada gets more customers through their products when they are meeting customer needs. By doing this, they will keep their existing customers as well as, gain new customers. Prada are now personalising customer experience at New York Epicenter store using Texas Instruments Radio Frequency Identification RFid. it identifies products, devices and staff. The technology creates a all-in-one shopping experience designed to enhance customer relationships. This is helping Prada to have better communication skills with its customers. ...read more.

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