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In this task I will be going over the legal, ethical and operational issues regarding Vodafone's use of ICT

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Laws In this task i will be going over the legal, ethical and operational issues regarding Vodafone. There are many laws/acts that have impacts on businesses such as Vodafone. Some of these acts are The Data Protection Act 1998 , The Computer Misuse Act 1990 and The Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Data Protection 1998 - This act makes sure that a company can not share any information with anyone except from inland revenue. All of this information must be kept securely for example in a locked filling cabinet or a secure data which requires password and username. Personal information must be kept safe online as well, For example if somebody wants to make a online purchase on the Vodafone website they must make sure that the website is secure. The website must have a locked padlock at the top of the page and a HTTPS URL. ...read more.


The Freedom of Information Act 2000- This act gives everyone the right to request information from public authority such as hospitals. This means that you can ask for any information the hospital or GP has regarding you and if they refuse the commissioners office would declare whether the information should be released or not. Ethical Issues are moral principles that concern acceptable and unacceptable behaviour by businesses. Whistle blowing- This is when a employee of a business raises concern about certain acts that impact people. For example if Vodafone where deliberately charging customers more money that they should and a employee raised awareness in the media, which ended in Vodafone getting in trouble with the law and also losing customers. Whistle blowers ensure that businesses such as Vodafone follow the law and act morally as they do not want bad media attention. ...read more.


Along with this they also restrict a lot of actions, for example Vodafone staff may not be able to access information in certain areas of the system. Backups- Businesses will need to backup any information they have in order to not risk losing it. Any vital information should be backed up to another hard drive or a USB memory stick. Large companies like Vodafone will need to backup important information such as customer details in a secure location to not risk losing it and prevent from theft. Some businesses will automatically backup information every hour in order to keep information safe. Health and safety- As a lot of jobs require people to sit in front of a computer for long hours, there are a lot of health and safety issues regarding this. Business like Vodafone will need to regulate employees and make sure they know how to sit with correct postures and make sure computer screens are at correct distance/level in order to prevent eye sight problems. ...read more.

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