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Introduction to my Business Plan.

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Introduction to my Business Plan People seek to enter self-employment for a variety of reasons and there are many, diverse opportunities for starting a successful business venture. However, it is essential that any business has an appropriate legal structure and sufficient backing. Before you can produce a business plan you have to select a business, a structure and identify sources of finance. Your research into this will provide the background for the introduction to your business plan. You may find it helpful to mention options you have rejected in explaining how your have arrived at your decisions. Your introduction should include: - a) the attributes that you have to offer and your aims in setting up the business venture b) the business venture you have chosen with reasons, addressing risks and opportunities c) the proposed legal structure of the business and explaining why this is appropriate d) potential sources of finance explaining how these fit with the legal structure and aims of the business venture I have chosen to use the caf� business venture. The type of caf� I have decided to create is going to be relaxed, chilled out and a comfortable place to be, similar to Central Perk in the T.V. ...read more.


are stored. Developments such as the new roaster were crucial to Costa. With huge growth over the 1990's the company had increased to 186 stores by 1999 and in 2000, 3.7 million cups of coffee were sold each week. Costa is now the leading UK branded coffee shop with over 300 stores and host units in a number of complementary retail outlets, including selected Ottakers and Waterstones bookstores, WHSmith and Homebase stores, Marriott Hotels and Middlesex Hospital. Most recently Costa has opened coffee bars inside select branches of Abbey National to bring you the first coffee shop in a bank. Facts and Figures today 1. Costa is the largest chain of branded coffee shops in the UK with over 300 outlets 2. Costa coffee makes the best quality coffee because: * All Costa coffee beans are slow roasted for 22 minutes to ensure a smoother flavour than quick roasting, which can produce a bitter taste * Costa has 30 years Italian heritage perfecting the art of coffee making * Costa source and buy their own beans from all over the world 3. Costa produces the best blends of coffee using 6 different parts arabica beans and 1 part robusta. ...read more.


This will be in the larger cities as I mentioned earlier. I want to create a caf� that everyone has heard of and that everyone has been to and still purchases coffee, other beverages and small snacks at. My aims and objectives are part of this process and with any luck I should be able to achieve them at the end of my first two years. Other than that though I would hope to become known, not just for my coffee, but also for my level of good service and satisfaction. The idea membership I spoke about earlier, I find an essential part of my caf�. This membership is my idea of uniqueness in a caf�. I have looked at other caf�'s an restaurant and found that none of them have introduced a membership system. When a customer has a membership card he or she will be able to get points on their card which will give them discount on items from the caf�, holiday destinations (within the country, not including flights) and other stores around the globe. Hopefully giving the customers this option will bring them back to my caf� and not to my competitors. Mike Gurnhill ...read more.

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