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Job roles in travel and tourism - Air cabin crew and Holiday rep.

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Task 1 (B) * Job title: Cabin Crew Member Main duties, roles and responsibilities: * Attending a pre-flight briefing, during which air cabin crew are assigned their working positions for the upcoming flight (crew are also informed of flight details, the schedule and if there are passengers with any special requirements, such as diabetic passengers, passengers in wheelchairs or the number of infants on board); * Carrying out pre-flight duties, including checking the safety equipment, ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy, ensuring that information in the seat pockets is up to date and that all meals and stock are on board; * Welcoming passengers on board and directing them to their seats; * Informing passengers of the aircraft safety procedures and ensuring that all hand luggage is securely stored away; * Checking all passenger seat belts and galleys are secure prior to take-off; * Making announcements on behalf of the pilot and answering passenger questions during the flight; * Serving meals and refreshments to passengers; * Selling duty-free goods and advising passengers of any allowance restrictions in force at their destination; * Reassuring passengers and ensuring that they follow safety procedures correctly in emergency situations; * ...read more.


They are expected to be friendly, polite and courteous at all times. They also liaise with pilots and other members of the crew. They greet passengers and direct them to their seats and make sure luggage is safely stowed away Person Specification * Be tactful but assertive, with the ability to deal with difficult situations politely but firmly * Have a clear speaking voice * Enjoy team work * Be calm under pressure and in emergencies * Be confident, friendly and good with people * Be sensitive and reassuring towards people who are anxious or upset * Be able to work quickly and efficiently * Be confident with money, including foreign currency. Seasonality: Most of the airlines tend to recruit temporary air cabin crew on a seasonal basis. Securing a permanent contract can be difficult as many airlines recruit staff just for one season. Cabin crew will be expected to work on weekends, public holidays, and evenings will often be taken up by work. Cabin crew attendants may be able to work on a part-time basis but hours will still be unsocial at times. ...read more.


Their main priority is to ensure that clients enjoy their holiday and that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them. As the public face of the tour operator, they must create an excellent first impression and continue to provide an outstanding service to clients throughout the duration of their stay. The role involves holding welcome meetings, handling complaints and resolving problems as they arise. Holiday representatives are often also responsible for selling resort excursions and additional services, such as car hire. Person specification: * Good communication skills and the ability to converse with customers. * The ability to work either as part of a team or independently. * The ability to listen and respond sympathetically to customer's needs/requests. * Positive and outgoing personality and must enjoy interaction with others. * Must be flexible and self motivated * Decision making skills * Excellent communication skills Seasonality: Most of the large tour operators employ holiday representative on a seasonal contract, summer season and winter season. Summer season is the busiest period but some representatives also work in winter sun destinations or ski resorts. Depending on the resort and the country, holiday seasons may run from April onwards, October to January or for ski resorts December to late April. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nisha Paul 1 ...read more.

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