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Management: Theory, Practice & Application.

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Week 2, Group A, Team A Mindy Lamont, Tracey Hernandez, Julie Lopez, Kirk Lent University of Phoenix MGT 330: Management: Theory, Practice & Application Group XBSADB01 Eugene Hewett, Ph.D. December 19, 2003 Introduction Wellness, Inc., a hypothetical resort spa offering massage, body treatments, skin care services, hand and foot treatments and other luxury individualized and personal services and products, has just recently come into existence and is undergoing intense scrutiny and analysis to prepare for growth and survival in California. Its Board of Directors, managerial staff, and top executives have rapidly put together the brief skeletal outline of the corporation's functions and future growth direction, but many of the more mundane details of establishing a business have yet to be accomplished. External and internal factors The success or failure of any organization arguably lies in its ability to not only manage the current day-to-day business operations of the company, but also to (i) plan ahead for future growth, (ii) eliminate problems, (iii) prepare for future changes, and (iv) anticipate, prevent, and conquer obstacles as they arise. Some of these managerial and strategic decisions include considering a host of internal and external factors that will impact the company's ability to not only survive, but to ultimately thrive. A "sink or swim" attitude may sound a bit extreme or harsh, but in corporate America, many times it proves to be a true analogy of the very competitive nature of business, especially for small, start-up companies. ...read more.


Those most popular may be expanded or have extra employees providing the services. Specialization in this manner will help ensure ongoing corporate success. Technology Technology opportunities in today's business world are virtually endless. High-tech advances are made every day, and staying abreast of current technological information is more than a full-time job. Research in this area could be implemented to determine the supply and demand for specific services and products. Online research can assist in this arena as well. Additionally, attending resort services conventions, and attention to publications and "undercover" visits to other area resorts would offer glimpses of industry trends. Since research and technology often interwine, combining forces could lead to productive end results. E-business E-business opportunities, while again seemingly limited by a one-location business, should not be ignored. While providing personalized, individualized body treatment services may not seem a likely example of e-business, the opportunities for marketing and providing information to the public online should not be ignored. Even the most basic company website should be immediately created, and online marketing activities should be implemented to drive traffic to the company's website. Tourism is a huge industry in California, and marketing events should target visitors who vacation here. Local Chambers of Commerce should be informed; pamphlets printed; online web advertisements created; local newspaper and mail-order ads should be utilized; and a marketing company should be hired to specifically ...read more.


Mother/daughter packaged manicures, facials, etc. could be excellent gift ideas, and clients who arrive for free services on their birthdays will, it can be assumed, bring a friend or relative along to enjoy spa services. In this instance, innovation and creativity could combine to produce remarkable business results! Ethics Ethics in any business will have an impact on a corporation's bottom line. Factors influenced by corporate ethics include the type of personnel hired, the manner in which staff treats customers or clients, the type of services or programs offered, the management's attitudes towards its staff, etc. Because of the business nature and specific mission statement adopted by management, the employees and management must have the utmost positive ethical approach to their jobs and towards the customers. Personal services businesses are especially susceptible to scrutiny and vulnerable to misinterpretation. In this regard, proper legal documentation (allowing personnel to touch clients as necessary for manicures, facials, massages, etc.) can help ensure that strict compliance with appropriate techniques is not violated. Proper personnel awareness of personal privacy issues and a respect for business ethics will ensure client comfort and generate repeat business. Conclusion Planning is an ever-changing aspect of management. In business, a plan is not set in stone, but expected to change as needs arise. Management's approach toward the above internal and external factors is an integral part of the success of the company. When these factors are analyzed, what they indicate should be part of the modified plan. ...read more.

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