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Marketing Mix - Primary and Secondary Research

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Microsoft NOKIA Principles Not a low price Not low Price Production Concept Windows Vista with new graphics attracts more people to buy it. Nokia N96 new functions attract its customers towards itself. Selling Concept Better quality and new in the market. Local people pay for the higher quality. New technology, Stylish smart phone. Customers pay for the model and quality. Product Concept Better graphics than windows XP and earlier Windows operating software's. More attractive applications such as 3D Sat-Nav and Wi-Fi. Technology Concept Satisfy customer's needs by offering product at suitable price. Also make customer happy from the product. Attract young teenagers by offering new technology in the phones. Nokia does this by advertising in Newspapers, Internet, and TV. Marketing Concept Apple, Adobe, Lunix etc. Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung etc. Competitors $60.420 billion �50.722 billion Revenue Microsoft is a registered multinational computer technology company. NOKIA is registered multinational communication company. It is also a trademark company. Aware of legal, Social and ethical constraints Computer Stores. People with A, B and C class. �150 - �200. TV and Internet. Mobile Phone Shops. People with B, C and C, C class. �429.99. TV, Internet and News papers. 4Ps Place People Price Promotion. ...read more.


Nokia N96: - Nokia product concept is that it's a new series of Nokia N-series. Customers pay for the new brand and technology. Technology Concept: - If it's high tech and state of the art technology people will want it more that anything else. Windows Vista: - Windows Vista technology concept is that it has been upgraded from previous windows. New software's such as Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed in it which makes it more attractive and creative. Nokia N96: - Nokia N96 Technology concept is that it has 5 Mega pixel camera, Audio playback (MP3, AAC, HEAAC, WMA), Video playback (MPEG-4, Real video, WMV 9, Flash), Email, Wi-Fi, Digital Radio, Video call camera, Nokia N96 48 GB external memory card. These are the technology concepts that have been updated for Nokia N96 from Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 black. These technologies have attracted people minds which allow them to buy the phone. Marketing Concept: - Market research typical customer e.g. age, gender, socio economic group. Windows Vista: - Windows Vista marketing concept is to attract their typical customers that are people from age 16-30. Also Windows Vista is expansive operating software so good social class people such as A, B or C class would like to buy it. ...read more.


Its quiet expensive if bought individually. Microsoft Corporation does business with business i.e. they sell Windows vista on other computer manufacture companies in bulk and than the computer companies sell it with their own products. Different methods of promotions are being used such as TV adverts, e-media (Internet) adverts, and word of Mouth are the most common promotion of Windows Vista. Nokia N96: - Nokia N96 has been placed in Mobile phones stores in high street. People with class B, C or C,C would like to buy it. This includes a professor, doctor, teacher, or a bus driver etc. Every Nokia series are expensive if bought individually but NOKIA also does business with business so they sell its products in bulk on phone network businesses. Nokia N96 promotion includes TV adverts, Internet ads, and word of Mouth. Continues improvements following evaluation: - Product re-brand. Windows Vista: - Microsoft is continuously improving the windows and is re-branding its operating software called Windows. Previous Windows were known as Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 99, Windows 98, Windows 97, Windows 95 and Windows 3.0 etc. Nokia N96: - Nokia 96 is a series of N-series. Nokia also re-brands its products. Previous N-Series were Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 black and up coming Nokia will be known as Nokia N97. ...read more.

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