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Promotional Mix

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Promotional Mix For the first task of this assignment, I will be choosing two contrasting organizations and I will discuss 1 campaign/advert for each. I will then describe the promotional mix for these 2 campaigns/adverts. My first organisation which I will be discussing about their campaign will be Gillette. Their commercial campaign that I will talk about will be Gillette Fusion Power. I will discuss the promotional mix used in this campaign. This commercial campaign is about 3 of the world's most recognized and outstanding athletes on the planet today. They each represent their own sports - Roger Federer (Tennis), Tiger Woods (Golf) and Thierry Henry (Football). The product that is being advertised in this campaign is a shaving razor aimed specifically at men. This campaign comes in the form of 3 different types of advertising; these include TV adverts, billboards and the internet. It is trying to show that this razor brings the absolute best shaving performance for men. The main focus of this campaign is Performance. It shows the 3 best sports performers at the top of their game using this product. At the end of this campaign, it has a slogan saying 'The Best a Man Can Get' which means that this product is the ultimate product for men and brings total satisfaction. ...read more.


Gillette is already a well-known organisation in the shaving razor market so people are aware of who they are and what they have to offer. Create interest - customers must first recognize they have a need before they actively start to consider a purchase. This organisation focuses on creating messages that convince customers that a need to purchase this product exists. They cleverly do this with promotional appeals targeted at basic human characteristics. In this campaign, we can see that this organisation aims to target men by appealing them with 3 famous sports characters. When men observe this campaign being advertised with these famous individuals, it will influence them to go and purchase this product. Stimulate demand - the right promotion can drive customers to make a purchase. In the case of products that a customer has not previously purchased or has not purchased in a long time, the promotional efforts that this organisation uses may be directed at getting the customer to try this product. For products with an established customer-base, promotion can encourage customers to increase their purchasing by providing a reason to purchase products sooner or purchase in greater quantities than they normally do. In this campaign, we can see that there are special offers on this product. ...read more.


This campaign is aimed at men at this specific product is men's product. How does this campaign use AIDA? Attention - this campaign attracts attention because it shows a male spraying himself with this Lynx aftershave and then turns into a chocolate man. By doing this, it shows people that this product is almost as nice and as tempting as chocolate. This would certainly appeal to people because the vast majority of people enjoy eating chocolate and customers would be tempted to buy this product. Interest - this campaign keeps customer interest by showing the advantages and features of this particular product. It shows that this product has a very nice and appealing aroma that when men use it, it will attract females because of the pleasant the aroma. Desire - this product fulfils this factor because it attempts to convince people that it will satisfy their needs of looking and smelling nice. It does this by showing men that this product is so good; women will be interested in you. Action - this campaign also encourages customers to by this product because of the effective way this product has been advertised in order to reach out to its customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ameen Muflehi - Creative Product Promotion -Assignment 1 Unit 9 - 11/12/2008 Page 1 of 7 ...read more.

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