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Quality circles are made up of ordinary working employees and their supervisors and managers.

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Task 6 Quality circles are made up of ordinary working employees and their supervisors and managers. Quality circles are when team working is successful for Marks and Spencer's. It relies on a competent responsible workforce who wants to improve quality. If the quality does not improve then the customers might not want to shop at Marks and Spencer's so it is important that they keep on improving the products to satisfy customers. For Marks and Spencer's to improve their ideas they can discuss it at regular meetings (quality circles). Quality circles is also about safety while working and for this Marks and Spencer's will have machinery so their workers don't get tired in any way and they don't hurt them selves while carrying boxes around also they should keep fresh food if they decide to buy from Marks and Spencer's. Cost reduction is important because they can attract more customers to their store if the prices of the products are low it will help the customers to buy more products because Marks and Spencer's are doing deals like buy a product and get the other product half price and this is keeping the prices low which means they are attracting more customers. ...read more.


The advantages of quality circles is that everyone is involved in a problem they will encourage their workers to stay motivated. They can keep on working because if they don't then the business could fall in to trouble but the good thing is that they stay motivated in Marks and Spencer's and that is good because if they keep on motivated they can bring a lot of profit. They are determined to work so it helps the workers to take pride in their work and if they do that it will also motivate other workers to take pride in their work and that will be a big advantage to the company. They can be successful if the workers accept responsibilities wherever they work because if they do that will help them get a lot work done because they have a responsibility and they know they have to get that work done. Also if they keep good quality and try to improve their quality all the time and that will attract new customers they know a new set of quality is going to be released and if it is successful they will help the company make profit and that is a another advantage to the company. ...read more.


The workers are very good and their customer service is also very good so it is pleasing the customers and they are happy to shop at Marks and Spencer's again. They can still improve in a few areas like selling there products and attracting customers all time and also to keep the employees trained so if they come across any task they should be able to handle it and if they do that it will help the company a lot and also in many ways. I think they have met all the system because I think they are making profit and they are selling their clothing and also they are attracting new customers all the time. Also I think that they have a skilled workforce to handle the work on any difficulty so they shouldn't have any problem. They have a very good customer service so I think they are following the system that is set for them and they are following it and they should be successful in the future. They have their products priced at a reasonable price so they are attracting customers and that is good for the company and for the customers who are also happy. ...read more.

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