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Requirements analysis

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Introduction Requirements analysis is the process of analyzing the information needs of the end users, the organizational environment, and any system presently being used, developing the functional requirements of a system that can meet the needs of the users. Also, the requirements should be recorded in a document, email, user interface storyboard, executable prototype, or some other form. The requirements documentation should be referred to throughout the rest of the system development process to ensure the developing project aligns with user needs and requirements. The success of any new software project is critically dependent on the initial "discovery" or "requirements analysis" phase of the project (Eagle Research, Inc., 2005). Richard George, the owner of Momma Jeans Restaurant approached the firm of CMGT/555 to see if we could help the restaurant design a computerized system to plan and assemble food and beverages. The desire is to have the capability to manage inventory and cost control. Momma Jeans Restaurant is looking for a more efficient way to better serve their customers and provide opportunities for future growth. Systems Request Summary Momma Jeans utilizes a paper based system to plan and assemble food and beverage recipes. The system does not work well, especially during peak hours of business. Too much time is spent sorting through index cards to find a particular mixture for customers. There are two full- time and one part-time staff, each having a primary responsibility. However, all members of the staff help out whenever necessary with mixing drinks, ordering supplies, and counting inventory. ...read more.


Two weeks of which would include Charles Webb completing the systems analysis and the final week would be spent installing software and training staff. It is estimated that the cost would be $15,000. If the restaurant decides not to change their current business process within the next quarter, I expect them to lose about $8,000 due to rework in time spent creating and filing new food and beverage recipes, staff overtime pay, and ordering more supplies. The company has reported errors in its day-to-day business, and these errors are potentially very costly to the company, costly enough that a $15,000 investment should be viewed as a viable option. Hopefully, with the new system, improved employee productivity and fewer errors will offset the costs in the system. Expected Benefits The expected benefits from this project will far outweigh the costs. The measurement of the benefits of Information Systems is possible if the analysis is focused on the intended goals of the system and starts from its immediate operational environment, gradually building up the more indirect effects (Wiseman, 1992). Once an information system has been developed and implemented for Momma Jeans Restaurant, one can expect to see a greater efficiency in all its business process. For example, Mike Godwin would save time searching for, updating, and creating food and beverage recipes, and accounting for inventory. Greg Freed would find that financial transactions would also be done automatically with fewer errors. This would also reduce costs, resulting in great performance. ...read more.


The entity-relationship diagram is a graphical model of the information systems that depicts the relationships among system entities at Momma Jeans Restaurant. System Design Introduction The purpose of systems design is to create a blueprint for the new system that will satisfy all documented requirements, whether the system is being developed in-house or purchased as a package (Cashman, 2001). This report will be used to identify and describe in detail the System Design phase of the project. This report includes a project description, related documents, a system overview, design descriptions, file structure and data descriptions, and a section on interface design. System Components Details This section contains the complete design for the new system, including the user interface, outputs, inputs, files, databases, and network specifications. The new system must be able to: * Allow users to enter food and beverage recipe information * Provide back-up and storage capabilities for the database * Cost Control Functions o Eliminate redundancy o Establish Inventory levels o Cost associated with food and beverage recipes Environmental Requirements This section describes the constraints, or conditions, affecting the system, including any requirements that involve operations, hardware, systems software, or security. Implementation Requirements This section contains the start-up processing, initial data entry or acquisition, user training requirements, and software test plans. At the present time the only environmental requirements for the new system is to have the computers and server in a room that is temperature controlled. The room should also be free from humidity as this can cause problems with hardware. Time and Cost Estimates Due to time constraints a detailed schedules, costs estimates, and staffing requirements for the systems development phase for Momma Jeans Restaurant is not available. ...read more.

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