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Retention process

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The reason for this document to be written is to show how a business employees new people. For each one of these I will describe what they mean and which one is taken step by step: 1. Business approval: this is when a business is approves of having a staff member that is needed for the company in that department and they feel it is needed in this situation, They go through the board of directors to get the answer. 2. Job analysis: this is when a employee goes to a company finds out what their job is and follows what a different person is doing in the job and writes down what they are doing in their job they have applied for. ...read more.


5. Advertising: this is when a business needs a replacement or a new staff member to fill for the space left so what the business has to do is to either post the job on the internet to look for replacement to even increase their chances of getting some to do the job than they could put a advert in the local newspaper. There are two ways you can advertise a job by putting it on the paper which is a non electronic way of advertising the job or they could put it on the internet as this is a electronic way a of advertising a job. 6. Candidate short listing: this is when the business is reducing the number of candidates to the final three or so on. ...read more.


They may even rate you on how good you perform in that. 9. Reference: This is when a company is about to accept you and they need a person to agree with them that they deserve the job this can not be a relative it has to be a non family member so it can either be a banker, doctor, teacher 10. Employee Induction: this is the first day for the employee if he/she has passed all of the task so far set by the company then this will be his/her first induction in which they will show you were you are working what you are going to do in the company and for the company. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Max Hunwick BTEC National in Business Unit 4 Teacher: Jan Gerhard Criteria: P1 Max Hunwick Unit 4 ...read more.

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