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Roles and Responsibilities of people in Blockbusters

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´╗┐Blockbuster an American-based chain of DVD, blue-ray and video game rental store. Blockbuster is a very popular which has spread over the countries of America and the globe rapidly. The best rental providers and etc?. . In the following parts I will be talking to you about the roles and responsibilities about the manager, employees and other staff. Roles and responsibilities are hard tasks but it has to be followed right to get customers in and buy more and more of their products. The following shows how the store manager, the assistant manager and the customer sales representative, have showed their roles and responsibilities. The store manager: The quality the store manager should have is. To lead the Store Team through effective engagement, coaching and development to deliver great customer service and business performance. Drive and manage the sales performance and profitability of the store. This is listing few, very important tasks which the manager has to follow in order for the business to attain success. This basically involves the following, the store manager achieves 'sales focus' targets, achieving or exceeding revenue targets and ensure all promotional activity is planned and in place. The store manager also must ensure that product pricing and merchandising reflects the company standards. ...read more.


This also as same as the previous one (the store manager). So basically means that as I said earlier to keep maintenance of what is in the store or not. So it keeps in confirmed. c) Customer Sales Representative: With your passion for movies and games you will be on the front line with our customers. Putting your knowledge and interests to use, you will be an integral part in your team hitting its sales targets Is a self-motivated and flexible team player who can communicate effectively with store team and key contacts? Communicates effectively with colleagues and customers at all times. To communicate to the individual staffs and refer back anything they think should be necessary. To keep a track of stock and not hesitate to give the details to the store or assistant store manager. Provides excellent service to our customers, utilising thorough product knowledge and current and future offers. To be able to connect with the staff without having to ask about any product placements and be able to talk to a customer about the product which they about to consume. This shows that the sales representative is a great ideal person to be working with. To be able to give extra details of the product and answer any question with the consumer may hold. ...read more.


This is bad for health, which also may conclude to the business getting in trail for the court. I guess! Competitive salary. This crucially is important. (Taylor and Hertzberg theory proves that better working and salary are the reason why the staffs works for) If you are giving a salary where the working conditions are poor, the employee has done tones of work, no breaks and etc. the employee may even take you to court. That employee will not be guaranteed to the best after starting after the following day. That employee will be providing lack of judgements of tasks, not fulfilling them; he/she will be destroying the lack of quality of staff and the store itself. So, on the other hand blockbuster has switched this around. They are giving great salary; they staff are surrounded by the stuff they mostly love. The staff are sometimes allowed to enjoy playing, watching those things even in stores. So, blockbuster are really motivating their staff in order to get the best out of them. As a Store or District Manager you would be entitled to life assurance to the value of three times your salary. You could also participate in many of the regional incentive schemes. You would also benefit from a store uniform and would be able to join one of the stores. It is some motivation. ...read more.

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