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Similarities and Differences in the Aims and Objectives of Errol Anderson Motors and J Sainsbury's plc

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SECTION D) COMPARE THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF YOUR TWO BUSINESSES. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM? All businesses have aims and objectives to help them plan and set targets for what they want to achieve. The difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful business is their ability to have a clear vision of what they hope to achieve and how to plan for the future. ...read more.


For Example, when McDonalds first started out its main aims would have been to: * Survive in business for the first year * Sell as many meals as possible * Make a profit * Concentrate on selling to the local community. ...read more.


J Sainsbury's plc > To keep a good relationship between staff and customers all the time. > To sell the best quality food, better than all competitors, in 2 years. > Aim to please all customers all the time. > To work for a broad community all the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asim Macci Business Aims & Objectives 10R ...read more.

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