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The Current System - A local shop

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  • Essay length: 1413 words
  • Submitted: 13/08/2003
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AS and A Level ICT in Business

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Introduction - The Current System

A local shop, which sells primarily diesel and petrol, newspapers, magazines and confectionery to customers, has also been renting out videos as a video club might do. They do not, however, have members but videos are given to a customer that they may know or recognise.

Videos come from one main supplier who sends the manager a list of available videos. When a video is added to stock, it is stamped with the shops name and address and a video number is added. A record of this new video is kept on a card along with the video's details, suppliers' details and when the video was purchased. This is then filed in a small filing cabinet according to video number, found on the card.

A large logbook contains the name address and telephone number of a customer who has taken a video out along with the name and number of the video. Today's date is recorded at the top of each page to make it easier to retrace records. Past logbooks are all stored in a filing cabinet.

The customer receives a date when the video must be returned,

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